Thursday, August 13, 2009

And that is why I'm never blogging again

So the last post seems to be a really hard one to follow up, every time I start to think of something to write I log into blogger and wham there she is looking at me, turns out nothing can top where I know she is right now at this very moment and oh the joy she has to be feeling. Can you even imagine?

I mean, for crying out loud last weekend we went to Tunica, MS and watched Counting Crows live on stage and I can't even find it in me to blog about it!


Blogger ~aj~ said...

Just wanted you to know I miss your blogging. I know you are one busy mama, but I hope you'll come back to it sometime.

Have a great Saturday! :)

August 29, 2009 at 1:31 PM  
Blogger Creepy said...

really? never again?

September 20, 2009 at 12:03 PM  
Blogger Cristin said...

Seriously. You never came back. WTF? Hope all is well in your world.

April 9, 2010 at 6:55 PM  
Blogger ~aj~ said...

Come back, Krissi! You are missed in Blog World!

September 17, 2010 at 2:09 PM  

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