Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Not Wednesday but....

Here is a picture from our Mother's Day weekend camping/hiking trip to Devil's Den State Park!

Let it be said that I enjoy camping, however, I do not enjoy camping in the threat of a tornado! Friday night we set up our tent (scratch that our BRAND NEW tent) while in a Tornado Warning, and all went well right up until it started to rain and then to pour and then, yup you guessed it... our brand freakin new tent started to leak. I was awake all night, Danny was pretty much awake all night and Caleb, well my little caming trooper slept right thru the thick of the storm never mind the lightening and the thunder he snoozed like there was no tomorrow!

Also as just a small side note, our air matress leaked so on Saturday morning we put a patch on it and thought we had it fixed... good as new right! WRONG!!! Air matress went in campground trash before we pulled up camp on Sunday morning! Piece of shit!!

The weekend was great, we had some really great weather to hike in on Sunday and all of the kiddo's loved the caves and the bats in the caves (seriously there were a lot of bats in the caves, kinda freaked me out). All in all the weekend was wonderful, just as long as you factor out the whole sleeping, or rather the lack there of!

We are now looking for a pop up camper!! This momma's not really the "tent type"!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tossed in the mix, and thrown outta bar's

OK be honest, how many of you know where this title came from?? Anyone up for a little Kid Rock??

The CAKE concert was awesome, even with the torrential rain, threat of tornado's and a little hail the concert still rocked my face off! I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play more of their old stuff, but hey I'll take what I can get.

After the concert, since we were kidless for the night we decided to go down on Dickson St and visit some drinking establishments :) I, of course, was the DD so I got to sit and watch everyone else make an ass of themselves with the comfort of knowing that I wouldn't wake up Saturday morning with a hangover :) It's a win win situation really!

A good friend of ours owns a bar called Georges Majestic Lounge and since they were offering 1/2 off cover if you brought in a CAKE ticket stub, it was decided that is where we would go. They had 3 live bands playing and they were all quite entertaining. Factor in about 10 too many drinks for the boys, and as all of us females know boys will be boys there was a little "scuffle" which ended up getting us kicked outta the bar!

Being the only sober one there, I can honestly and safely say that our group didn't "start" this scuffle but we did participate so I guess we deserved to get kicked out!

All in all, the night was awesome. We left the bar and went to Waffle House for some good drunk food and loud and rowdy conversation and still managed to make it home by 3am.

Last weekend taught me one thing, I'm getting too old for this shit!!!

** FYI ** Now I wanna go to Houston in August for a Counting Crows concert... who's with me??

Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to the first ever edition of ....

"What Krissi Wonders"
(not sure if this will be a continuous thing or not, and knowing me it probably won't)

Krissi wonders, is it possible to be intellectually attracted to a person and not physically? If so Sean Hannity and I are meant to be together (and I'll throw Glenn Beck in there too, how taboo two Fox News people, shame on me)

Krissi wonders, if other mothers feel as run down as I do on a daily basis? How do women who have more than one child do it? I mean honestly how the heck can you do everything I do for one, over and over and over again??? It boggles my mind.

Krissi wonders, if having dreams about heavy boxes is normal, or is it more a hazard of my line of work?

Krissi wonders, if those little hospital masks everyone in Mexico is wearing really work? It's not as if no germs can escape them.... I mean I'm sure they serve a purpose it's just that I don't think they are as effective as everyone seems to believe.

Krissi wonders, if women pee'd standing up, would we be more tidy about it? I mean really men are such slobs!

Krissi wonders, what happens to that eloquent speaker (Barack Obama) when he doesn't have his teleprompter? I've heard a lot of umm's and ahhh's when he's having to answer questions off the cuff.

Krissi wonders, if my first big concert will live up to my expectations, I sure hope it does.

Krissi wonders, how is it possible now that it's almost summer, my hair has finally started to grow back out? Is it wrong that I wanna cut it all off again? I swear this mop on my head is really getting on my nerves.

Krissi wonders, if granny panties are really as comfortable as I used to think they were before I was introduced to thong panties?

and last but not least

Krissi wonders, about the price of tea in China. Do the Chinese really drink all that much tea, and if so I wonder what the most popular brand is and how much it costs?