Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Since this is the last one of the year I thought I would make it a sweet one. Here is a picture of Caleb and I snuggled up on the couch watching Whorton Hears a Who this past weekend

He almost looks as sweet as a little angel, however he did not want daddy taking his picture!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The things I've learned

2008, ahh yes yet another year has passed and what a wild ride this year has been. I thought I would take a moment to reflect upon the lessons this past year has taught me, but, where to begin....

1~ I differ in political opinion from a great many people my own age, and I am perfectly OK with this, in fact I like to think of myself as a rebel

2~ (in keeping with the political theme) if you are white and given the choice between one white man and one black man running for the same office in politics, you chose the white man based upon your religious convictions, facts, political preference and the straight up truth that he is MORE qualified you can AND WILL be called a racist!

3~ a Motorola Razr will not survive a plunge into a hot tub, even if that plunge is to save your drowning child

4~ a husband and wife can live together and work together and manage to survive it

5 ~ I am not really cut out to be a SAHM (I need more in my life than these 4 walls) I wish I were different so that I could be satisfied to be here day in and day out, but its just not who I am (I need to let it go and quit feeling like such an awful mother and failure as a parent, I'll let you know when that happens)

6~ God didn't make me with a lot of patients, this is something that I really need to work on

7~ There are so many people out there that have less than I do, I've learned (and am still learning) to be more thankful for what I have and less whiny about what I don't (contrary to my husbands popular belief this has been a hard lesson for me)

8~ The economy can and will fail

9~ Large companies don't need to worry with how or what they spend their money on, because they have us the good ol tax payin US to bail them out of any tight spot they might get into!

10~ All a celebrity has to do to be forgiven for what ever AWFUL decision they have made, or wrong direction they have chosen to take their lives is check into rehab (again and again)

11~ health insurance is a freakin scam!! (won't cover ear infections for a small child... what the hell??)

12~ I am a awful friend, really by the time I say I will or want to go out and do something with friends (like as in the second the words have left my mouth) I am already exhausted by the thought of what all will have to be done in order to get me out of the house... i.e. baby sitter, fight with Caleb about baby sitter, getting dressed, putting on make up, deciding where to go and what to do.... I'd rather stay home (is that wrong?? does anyone else feel this way)

13~ I need more ME time, seriously no matter how hard it is to come by, I need to have some time each week (if not each day) just set aside for me.. is this willingly given up when you have children?? I didn't see that in the contract I signed

14~ I am not crafty.... and in fact I will take this just a step farther.... I am almost disgusted by those who are!! (I loath scrap booking, some of my sister in laws would have me whacked just for saying those 3 words)

15~ MTV isn't what it used to be (not that I don't still watch it, cause I sooo do)

16~ I love to blog, I like to know that people out there that don't even know me personally read about my life and comment on it... it can be said that blogging is now my crack (not like ass crack but like speed, coke, heroin my drug of choice that is as long as it never replaces caffeine... ohhh we got problems if it starts trying to take that spot on my list of favorite things BIG problems)

17~ I really need to stop this list, cause I can go on and on (however in my little bloggy mind when I started I thought, 20 is a good number, wonder how many people won't make reading this list all the way to 20.... we shall see)

18~ I love laptops! We bought a new laptop for the business (as a tax write off, umm to keep the books for the business I mean) and just when I had decided that I HATED it, a wonderful,shameless love blossomed... I'm addicted to this dang thing!!!

19~ I have lost all respect that I once held for Oprah Winfrey (she may have more money than God, but she needs to check herself before she wreck herself!) I have more respect for Barack Obama himself throughout this past election than I do for Oprah and that's not saying much!!

20~ (and this is a big one) Being a parent is no where near the walk in the park I thought it would be, this past year has taught me this for sure. I would like to think that I am a pretty good parent, yeah and Manson would also like to think he's just a teeny bit crazy! Seriously though raising a 3 year old has been THE hardest job this past year... someone please tell me that it gets easier, cause if not, I have my doubts that I will make it as a parent. And he deserves so much better than me some days!

So what are some things you learned in 2008 cause I am sure that I've left a LOT out... if you should happen to do a post of things you've learned link it back to me and leave me a comment so that I can take a look :)


Here's to hoping that 2009 is an amazing surprise for us all!!

Note to self

When husband asks as 10:00pm, "wanna watch a good movie" do not deviate from your plans of going to soak in a nice hot bath with a good book to believe his LIES!!

At 12:20ish (but whos counting) we were laying on the couch all cuddled up together both collectively rubbing out foreheads trying to figure out how in the hell we managed to watch an entire movie with the "it's gotta get better" mentality!!

** Small side note.... do not rent, buy, netflix, borrow or steal the movie Momento IT BLOWS! (and you are really pissy when you are forced to wake up at 7:00am after noting falling asleep until after 2:30ish, especially since hubby was asleep before his head hit his pillow)

Bring on nap time!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I swore I'd never

Thanks to a certain little 3 year old boy in our house and his new love of the word "Damn" someone got their mouth washed out with a bar of soap!!

Saturday evening Caleb kept saying Damn! Momma had a heart to heart talk with him about the fact that Damn is a bad word and he should not say it, that little boys who use bad words get their mouths washed out with soap (purely a bluff on my part) then this sweet, loving, wonderful little boy climbed right up on the couch next to me looked right up at me and with all the balls he could muster whispered "DAMN, guess now I get my mouth washed out with soap"

** Small side note, he now knows not to BITE down on the bar, it was all stuck in his teeth for what seemed like hours to him. I only let him revel in all his soapy glory for about 10 minutes (just long enough to make sure he got the point) and then helped him brush his teeth and get a drink to rinse his mouth out!!

** Another small side note.... DO NOT CALL MOMMAS BLUFF IN THIS HOUSE!!!! She will always WIN!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

"Oh the Places you will Go"

How many of you have read that Dr. Seuss book? It's one of what seems like the hundreds of books my son owns, that are scattered about our house. Tonight for some odd reason my insomnia has kicked in and when I laid down to go to sleep instead of drifting off into a nice peaceful slumber this book popped into my head... go figure. And that got me to thinking about how thankful I am to be where I am in my life, which came from me thinking about the places I've been in my life. Not so much geographically speaking but more careerically speaking (not sure if that is even a word but just roll with me... this is my blog after all). So tonight my Internet friends we are going to take a stroll back down memory lane thru all of the careers I've had before becoming what now seems to be a part time mommy and part time Fed-Ex hottie :) (again my blog my terms, take it or leave it:) This list is pretty long so settle in and get comfy, it's going to take a while to get to the end.

First job I ever had I think I was a Sophomore in high school.....

#1 - Chiquitas Mexican Restaurant -
I must say that as far as first jobs go, this was a GREAT one to have.. I still to this day eat there ANY and EVERY time I am in Mena and a word to the wise, if you are ever passing thru Po-Dunk Nowhere and find yourself smack dab in the middle of Mena, AR take a drive thru the old Wal-Mart parking lot and stop in at Chiquitas and say hello to Martin and all of his teenage workers for me... They make good grub!!

#2 - Rick's Prime Time Movie Rentals .... I honestly don't know anyone back home in good 'ol Mena that didn't work there. I swear if you are from Mena you worked for Rick and George Davis either renting movies or repo'ing the movie equipment that they had on a "rent to own" basis in their store. I'm almost positive that to be a citizen of the city it's somewhere in black and white that you HAVE to work for the Davis boys at one time or another to be able to maintain citizenship in Polk county!

#3 - United Country Four Seasons Real Estate (HIGHLY urge you NOT to work here) this was my very first experience with a boss that was shall we say "not so pleasant" and I am sorry to say it will not be the last boss that I feel this way about... SL was one of the trickiest to work for in a sense that every day was like walking on egg shells you never knew what to expect. This is where I decided at the ripe ol age of 18 or 19 that my career should I chose to accept it should be none other than real estate... to damn bad I couldn't pass the licensing test! This was one job I was glad to leave!

#4 - Family Fun Pools and Spas - not much to say about this except that my bosses were nice there (it was owned by a family that had about as many kids as the Duggar's do) I tested people's pool and spa water and told them what chemicals they needed to add in or take out! Not exactly career material.

#5 - Kid's First Daycare - this place was a blast, made me sure that I one day wanted kids of my own (as if I needed convincing) but also made me sure that I didn't want to take care of other peoples kids for a living

#6 - Goodner Aircraft - (damn are you starting to see that I was having a really hard time nailing down a profession yet????) This company painted air planes for crying out loud.... I was the receptionist and our customers that came from all around the world were charmed by my hick .. I mean Southern accent!

#7 - OK Food's - I dispatched chicken feed trucks for crying out loud.... what can be said about this other than I met some REALLY shady characters in this line of work, in this stage in my life

#8 - Paris Jr. College - this is one of my most favorite jobs and if it hadn't been in TX I might still to this day be working there. But damn I was just not cut out to be a TX girl and all those LongHorn Lovin Fans kept messing with all my Razorback shit... this girl had to move back across the Red River into familiar territory!

#9 - Offensive Line Coach Secretary - University of Arkansas Fayetteville Men's Athletic Department - damn that is a mouth full! I was serious when I said I was tired of all those LongHorn fans! DAMN IT every time I think about this job I get sooo pissed off. Long story short I had this job for all of about 2 months before things took an ugly turn and I was fired! Yes you read that right, maybe one day I will blog about why exactly I was let go, shit canned, or dissolved of my employment but not today. Today I will say that I worked for and met Houston Nutt (when he was still popular) I saw every Arkansas Razorback football player come in and out for practice and I LOVED every minute of this job... all except for one of the secretary's which just happened to be Houston's personal secretary! She my friends was nothing short of a bitch!!

#10 - Jaeger + Haines Commercial Underwriting Dept. - my very first job in the wonderful world of insurance (little did I know that this would be the beginning of a love hate relationship with what has become, and will one day become again my career) I hand typed, as in a typewriter ... commercial or business insurance policies... it sucked!!

#11 - Rogers Insurance Agency - this is where I became licensed in insurance and that is about the best thing I can say about this place. Other than that WOW what a freakin joke this establishment was!!

#12 - Village Insurance, Inc. - this is where I have been for the past 5 years :) My home away from home, the place I love and at the same time the place I hate!! The women I worked with here (and have promised to return to work with, once Caleb starts school) are more like a family to me than some of my own flesh and blood. This was the job where I grew up and began to take responsibilities as just that, something I was honestly responsible for. In turn (and I don't say this to make myself sound conceited) I made this business a LOT of money and they LOVE me!! Ha

#13 - Caleb's mom - on a good day I'm all about loving this job, on a bad day well... I want a paycheck, a raise and a vacation! This has been my life long dream job, it was something I always knew I wanted, scratch that, I needed to do. And while most days are great we have our fare share of days where I'd rather be anywhere else in the world but stuck in this house with my own 3 year old (what I can't be alone in this feeling, I'm sure most of you have at least thought it before, maybe you just aren't as honest about it as I am)

which leads to the final job as of my now 28 years

#14 - Fed-Ex Ground driver - the best and worst thing about this job is that I get to sleep with my boss! Ha (for those of you who don't know the back story, my husband is my boss, I'm not a company whore although that might make for a more exciting job ha ha) I really wasn't sure when I took this job on if I would A) like it or B) be able to stand the fact that Danny and I worked together, lived together and seemed to be inseprable in every aspect of our lives but as it turns out I think I like this job... I'll let you know once I've decided for sure (i.e. when I get my bonus)!

So what about you if you could name two jobs, your best, most favorite job and your worst most hated job what would they be? Seriously you don't have to list them all out like I did (damn it I've had a LOT of jobs haven't I??? Is that odd??? Cause I'm really feeling like a bit of a lush on the whole job scene tonight!!!)

Don't leave me hangin!!

Ready or not

Christmas is in 3 days and I would have to categorize myself in the "not so ready" category!! Not that we don't have most and almost all of our presents bought at this point because we do. But this year I cannot for the life of me seem to find my "Christmas Spirit". I've tried and tried and I just think this year it's not coming.

We took Caleb down to the square on Saturday night to look at the lights and while a good time was had by all, still nothing. We(read I) put up the Christmas tree and decorated it, yet nothing what so ever came about. I wrapped all of his presents and got them under the tree, nada. We have even been forced to sing Christmas carols (or at least the ones that Caleb now knows)and as you guessed it... not one single twinge of spirit dumped into this momma.

I H*A*T*E shopping this time of year!

I H*A*T*E driving anywhere around anyone this time of year!

I H*A*T*E crafting (there you heard it here first, I am NOT a crafty person and people who are well... they just piss me off)!

I H*A*T*E baking, sure some nice peel and stick cookies every now and again are nice, but as far as really baking... FORGET it this momma doesn't bake!

I've even talked the family into going to eat Mexican on Christmas Eve because I just don't have it in me to cook a traditional Christmas dinner and all the fixins!!

Is it just me, or is Christmas spirit just so hard to come by this year??????

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some things are lacking

Since I have started work there are a few things around this house that are lacking to say the least. So I thought I would start a list to share with you all

#1 ~ DINNER!! Hello, I seem to remember having home cooked meals every night (and never mind that I was the one who had to cook them) when I didn't work. I'm talking meatloaf, beef tips and gravy, stuffed peppers, spaghetti, you get the idea right? Last night when I got home I ate (in this order) one microwaved beef and bean burrito, a bowl of cereal and then about an hour later a lettuce and celery salad floating in some Ranch dressing! I'm missing dinner!

#2 ~ Cleaning!! Yes my house is a wreck, and yes it will continue to be until I have at least half of my energy back (i.e. when I am NO LONGER WORKING) every night before Danny got home from work Caleb and I would pick up toys that had been dragged out during the day and tidy up so that Daddy could come home to a half way decent semi-clean house... not so much these days.

#3 ~ Checking the mail!! Shit I cannot even begin to tell you the last time I checked the mail... umm yeah that's right AT&T, CenturyTel, City of Bentonville Utilities, Mtg Company... I gotta job, don't have time to check my mail and umm that's why my bills are late (what it's legit and honest, and that's what there gettin)!

#4 ~ Dinner .... oh wait I've already said that one... but I'm still pissed about it

#5 ~ Laundry ~ ok so this has never been something that I liked to do, so naturally now that I have yet another excuse to put it off I'm on it like stink on doo doo! However as a small side note I will say that now that Danny and I both have these ubber sexy uniforms and that's pretty much what our wardrobe consists of all week long I don't have as many clothes to sort before doing laundry, and ohh this is my favorite thing.. I am able to wash a whole load of clothes (our uniforms) in the Gain that I love soooo much, but had to stop using because of Caleb's eczema!!

So yeah there are a few things around Casa De Lindy that are lacking or just forgotten in general and just a word to the wise..... don't expect that to change until my employment status returns to SAHM!!! Although the dinner thing, well that ones about to be a deal breaker. I'm starving by the time I get home, not to mention usually pretty cranky too and so help me I had better have something that sort of resembles a meal ready for me (seeing as how hubby and our boy have been home usually for an hour or sometimes even two by the time I get off work)!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just a bit much

Yesterday we hit a whopping 20 degrees, factor in a wind chill and we sat on or about 6 effin degrees ALL.FREAKIN.DAY!!! So here is my rant to good ol mother nature

Dearest Ice Queen,

First let me start by saying thanks for the freezing rain, the sleet and the ice and please note that this sentence was written with just a dab of sarcasm!! 6 degrees is a great name for a TV show, NOT such a great thing when my skinny butt's gotta get out and work in it mmm kay!

Lets get one thing straight, I do not enjoy cold and I certainly do not enjoy one degree below freezing my ass, my face and my little boobies right smack dab off my body!! If I have to hear one more person say "honey you should have some gloves on" I swear on everything that is WARM I cannot be held accountable when I reply by asking if they would like me to preform their next physical right then and there in the back of my Fed-Ex truck... man or woman!!

I do not enjoy shaking so hard from the cold that every muscle in my entire body hurts the next day, I mean come on have you not read my blog before??? I have a new job, one that is more than good at making me HURT everywhere.... I really don't need any additional reasons to want to OD on pain killers. I had 4 shirts and 3 pairs of pants on plus 2 pairs of socks I looked like Ralphy from that movie "A Christmas Story" and still managed to no more than get the door to the truck open before I started to shake uncontrollably.... it's just a bit excessive to be this damn cold.

Also while I'm at it, I thought I might mention the fact that I do not like to drive on ice... strike that... I do not like to slide on ice while attempting to drive. It's really just a little scary when I am driving, shall we say, a big ass truck at a very LOW rate of speed and even still cannot seem to make it stop where I want it to. Yesterday I can count on one hand how many times that heap of shit stopped where it needed to, however I cannot count the number of times where I almost needed another set of 3 pairs of pants that were CLEAN because it didn't!!

So if you could, oh I don't know, maybe warm it up just a hair out there, take the ice, sleet and snow and send that crap up north WHERE IT BELONGS for the winter and leave us with just a mild sorta chilly winter that would be peachy just freakin peachy!! Kaapeesch!

Chattering teeth and all,


Monday, December 15, 2008

Too smart for his own good

This morning as I was oh so peacefully sleeping I hear the rattle of Kitty's cage (which Caleb knows he is NOT supposed to touch) so I lay in bed for a few more minutes and listen just to make sure that what I was hearing was really what I thought it was, sure enough as I get up and grab my robe in my "super stealth mommy mode" and peak around the corner into the living room there sits Caleb with a bag of Cheesy Doritos's hiding at the end of our large couch in the living room (he knows Doritos's are not acceptable breakfast food, and also knows that he has gotten into them without asking which is also a mortal SIN in our home, but what he obviously doesn't know is that I can see him sitting right outside my bedroom door, not really sure where he thought he was hiding or where he thought I was at but the hiding didn't work for him). He finally sees me and with all of the sweetness he can muster says "morning momma, did you have a good sleep"!!!

Looking around the house I spy all kinds of things that aren't where they are supposed to be, so I thought I would just ask him what other mischief he had been up to that seemed so time consuming he some how didn't find the time to wake mommy up.

Me: "what else did you get into"
Caleb: "well I brushed my teeth, but I had to take my socks off cause I got tooth paste on them"
Me: "are you supposed to brush your teeth without asking mommy or daddy"
Caleb: "mommy, daddy is at work and you were sleeping .... so I asked kitty"

Some days I swear!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Caged Kitty

She decided that her first act as a caged kitty would be to make me a mess to clean up...

This is what one "not so happy" camper looks like

*** I have the feeling this is going to be a really long 6 weeks, she has not stopped crying since we got her in the car to bring her home.... I may not make it thru this ***

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kitty Down!!!

So last night when I got home from work something struck me as odd... I only had one follower every where I went, I was missing a part of the dynamic duo. The fat, hairy, brown one. Kitty wasn't up to making the rounds you know into the kitchen to see what I would eat, out into the garage for a moments peace from Caleb while I smoke and not even into the bathroom where it's like a party that needs no invitation EVERYONE follows me into what used to be somewhat of a sanctuary. I thought about it for a fleeting moment and then put it out of my head just chalking it up to a lazy day for her (which I will admit is odd).

So last thing before I went to bed I was back out in the garage for one last cigarette (yeah so sue me, and NO I don't want your lectures) when out the kitty door comes my hairy child with what I can only describe as the worlds worst limp. She went over to her food bowl to eat and that is when I really got concerned, she couldn't stand on her hind legs or rather her left hind leg. I went over to try to inspect as if in my part time I'm a vet or as if I knew what I was looking for and when she wouldn't let me near it so I decided that first thing this morning we would take her to the vet.

Caleb, Kitty and I loaded up and off to the vet we went, Kitty was less than thrilled a) she was in her cat carrier b) she was in a moving vehicle c) did I mention she was in her cat carrier. However Caleb did a great job of answering her every cry on the way there with "It's ok Kitty, your so a good girl" and then really quiet he would say "I love you too Kitty" (as if her cries were those of professing her undying love for him). We managed to get her to the vet who was nice enough to take her to the back to check her out (even though I had tried to prepare Caleb for the noises (read screams of pain) Kitty would make when she was examined.

Turns out our poor Kitty ripped her ligaments in her left hind leg, and how, well that is still a mystery, the vet said it was probably injured during a jump up onto something but none the less to avoid having to do surgery we are now having to cage rest her for 6 weeks. Aside from the ligaments she has arthritis in both hips the left being the worst and we are to try to discourage ANY jumping after her 6 weeks are up and she is hopefully back to normal. Yeah so I'm pretty sure that will be IMPOSSIBLE this is my cat here, the bobtail, bat outta hell, jumping, running, hauling ass around my house 9 year old Kitty (not to mention I have a 3 year old who loves nothing more than to see her jump and run when he rounds the corner). The vet said that we should build her "stairs" to climb up to get onto our bed, because that is where she sleeps at night right at the foot of MY side of the bed I'm thinking Danny is NOT going to go for this.... we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Oh did I mention that Kitty did not come home with us tonight?? They kept her over night because of the sedation they had to give her to be able to take the X-rays today, Caleb was beside himself that she was not coming home with us... we are still dealing with that, he misses her something terrible.

I went today and bought the cage for her at Tractor Supply (where the vet recommended I go) it's 30 X 30 X 18 and it's just sad, She will not be happy with her new living arrangements what so ever, but the vet says we can bring her home on and give her something called Kitty Prozac every day for the entire 6 weeks to take the edge off of her having to live in a cage (wonder if they can give me that script too??)

I will post pictures tomorrow when we have gotten her home and into her new deluxe accommodations. Till then we are Kittyless........

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

The whole family watching a movie Saturday night.............

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"Tis the Season"

While most of you are all "Fa la la la la" I'm all "Bahh Humm Bugg" and with good reason. Last night I picked up 350ish packages. The back of my truck was "blown out" by the end of the night I was more exhausted than a puppy who'd chased his tail all day and felt just about as accomplished as that puppy does when he just doesn't catch it. So here are a few things I would like to pass along to you all as you prepare to ship packages to Aunt Freeda, Uncle Jim Bob and little cousin Sally Whogivesacrap........

1) Please, please, please for the love of Pete DO.NOT.WRAP. your boxes and think that by the time they get to where ever it is they are going said wrapping paper will still be all pretty and festive. News Flash... wrapping paper is slippery and if I can't pick up that package in a hurry I swear on everything that is warm and fuzzy I will demolish your perfect wrapping job out of spite

2) If your contemplating not paying an extra $1.50 for the packing peanuts at your local shipping store, let me just give you a heads up... if you want little Sally Whogivesacrap to get the dolly all in one pretty little piece like it was when you bought it I'd advise that you pay the extra buck or two. TRUST me you need it,that is unless you want to see little Sally cry when her baby-poops-a-lot is in 500 pieces in spite of the fact that the directions specifically say "no assembly required"

3) When you call said "local shipping store" and ask when the final pick up for the day is and they tell you 6pm believe them and do not show up at 5:59pm with that family heirloom not packaged, not labeled, and not READY to be shipped and expect your warm and fuzzy Fed-Ex girl/guy to wear a smile while patiently waiting for you to get your ass in gear, WE DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR IT (side note if your wonderful, warm and fuzzy Fed-Ex person should happen to take pity upon you and wait, FREAKIN THANK THEM seriously....... some people's kids)

4) For the love of God don't ship heavy crap (118 lbs is just a bit excessive, it makes me have to say 4 letter words that I am really trying to refrain from saying and my poor, poor husband who just happens to call to "see how it's going" while I am trying to figure out how the hell I am going to get this box from HELL into my truck really regrets making that call) And just in case you are wondering it was at the same place where tomorrow they will find that "non-helper" ladies car under a dump truck load of coal!! (possibly with her in it)

5) If there is a nagging voice in the back of your head when you are trying to decide if you really want to ship that package, your thinking "is there a possibility it could be broken by the time it arrives at its destination" let me make it simple for you read #4 above and imagine your tiny little precious whatchamacallit sitting directly beneath that box! Enough said!

6) Be nice to your Fed-Ex Express, your Fed-Ex Ground, your Fed-Ex Home Delivery and your UPS people for crying out loud!!

Monday, December 8, 2008


This will be a short post... the title is the entire post (for the most part) you have to guess what that number stands for in relevance to my day at work today.... good luck and if you are the one who guesses it right... well I will try to think of something special to do for you, like your laundry or your dishes or take out your garbage! So best of luck guessing (oh and it is not the number of times I used the "F-Word" today we'll just clear that up right here and now!!)

Prayer Request

I am not sure how many people read this blog, and of those who do how many of you are the "praying type" but if you are a pray-er I am asking that you please say an extra prayer for a dear lifelong friend of mine. Her name is Ronda and her daughter's name is Tay. Ronda is going thru a really rough time in her life right now and needs a leg up from God to get her thru. Please just ask God to place his healing, guiding hands upon her and help her to reach the top of the mountain from the valley that she is now so deep in. I think we have all gone thru enough tough times in our lives to know that it's always good to have people that we may not even know pulling for us and right now I know she could use all of the extra love and support that we can all give. If you would like to leave her a special prayer or comment please feel free to do so on this blog, as I know she is a faithful reader and would appreciate any kind words offered on her behalf. She and Tay will be in my prayers daily until God works his blessings and gets her back on a level playing field.

I'm much too young to feel this damn old

Sorry to disappoint but this post will not be a tribute to Garth Brooks (no matter what I chose to title it). Instead this will be a rant about how I am 28 years old and this morning feel like I am about 85!

With the start of my new part time job (which is more physical than any full time job I've ever had) I have aches and pains in places I never knew existed in the last 28 years. I'm all for getting into better shape, hell I even begged and pleaded with my husband for a year to buy me one of those Ab Loungers because I just knew I would use it daily and end up with Abs of Steel (a word to the wise.... learn from my mistake people... I do NOT use this thing and it now is just an addition to things in my bedroom that A) do not match and B) do not get used (like my husband when he makes fun of me for not using the Ab Lounger ha ha take that honey)

So none the less I thought this job would be a great way to get out of the house for a few hours a day, before I freakin lose my mind and also to get into better shape... so far .... not so good!

I have however learned a few things about myself thru this strange journey the first and foremost is that I am a person who expects a "quick turn around" i.e. I take the job and expect to be in the best shape of my life in no less than one week,give or take a day or two, I mean seriously a week should be plenty of time right? WRONG I bust my ass for a few hours a day, enough that I hurt from top to bottom the day after and nothing, not one larger muscle, not one smaller pants size I've got nadda!! Well SHIT!

Secondly this job is really starting to feed my ego! Laugh if you will but I have two stories to tell here and you will just have to suffer thru them both (I say as I am stroking my ego),both of these happened last week. First my husband called me last week and told me that he had just made a delivery to a place along his route that I had helped him deliver to the week before and was asked (and I quote) "hey man, what did you do with that hot girl you had helping you" (now this story would be much better if my husband hadn't replied "oh you mean my wife, yeah she's ok to look at but certifiably crazy, which SOOO makes up for it you should try living with her, seriously she's nutz" JACKASS) now on to the 2nd story I was backing up to the dock at one of my pick ups and noticed one of my good friends that works there slowly walking up to the passenger side of my truck (knowing Mike as well as I do, I figured he was going to wait until I wasn't looking and slap the box of my truck to try to scare the shit of out me and make me think I had hit something) but alas he didn't, turns out he was taking a smoke break with a bunch of guys he works with and when they saw me pull into the parking lot the following comment was made "wonder if that's the hot Fed-Ex girl" (Mike then took it upon himself to try to make a quick buck off of this and said "I bet ya $5 that if it is the hot girl I can get her to hug me before she leaves" all the while knowing that they had no idea that we knew each other) I helped him win the $5 just because he told me the story and made me feel a little better about myself on what had started out being a bad day!!

Now for the Third and final lesson I have learned from this job, there are two kinds of people in this world "Helpers" and "Non-Helpers". Non-Helpers SUCK ASS!!! As you might have guessed there is a story to go along with this lesson in the way of the world so, without further ado here ya go.
Most of the stops on my route are places where I can back up to a dock which generally makes things a lot easier on me, I get out throw open the back door of the truck grab and scan what needs to be shipped shut the back door and take off. However, there are a few places that ship out some heavy shit, we are talking 60 lbs or 65 lbs boxes (just for a little added wow factor Danny has told me before that he has had some at this specific pick up that have been 90-95 lbs) none the less say you have 20 boxes and about 12 of them weigh 60 to 65 lbs and you yourself only weigh about 105 on a good day... yeah you see where I'm going with this don't ya... It's all I can do by about that 5th box to get these damn things into the back of my truck, dock or no dock! This is where I get totally fascinated!

Last week I wrestled about 11 boxes into my turck all of them weighing over 50 lbs and I know for a fact that I did NOT do this gracefully, hell it took all I had in me just to get them in there much less in any order so that I can still manage to navigate thru my truck at the remainder of my stops. So fast forward to the next day, I get there to do my pick up and there is a 18 wheeler parked in my spot (Divine intervention, I think so) so I call Danny and tell him I've got no where to park so he agrees to do the pick up for me later and I go on about my merry way. I get home that night and ask him how that pick up went, if they had a lot of boxes, were they heavier than shit (you know all the important questions) he then tells me that one of the ladies that works there came over while he was getting all of the packages and started telling him "that little girl you guys hired sure was having a hard time yesterday, I just watched and watched her struggle with our shipment yesterday, man was she having a hard time with it all". I freakin lost it at this point, Danny agreed with me too I might add, I said 4 letter words that I'm almost sure I've never said before (Caleb was in bed hopefully not listening) none the less I was pissed!! Not only was she watching me but more than likely sitting on her ass laughing at me and the thought of that alone makes me see red! WTF???

So I leave you with one question... are you a "Helper" or a "Non-Helper"??

P.S. Santa hates NON-HELPERS! Yeah that's right, that bitch is getting coal this year, hell she'll be lucky if I don't dump a whole Fed-Ex truck load on her car at work!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Caleb's "Blue House"

My sweet son, is just too much sometimes. About 6 months ago (give or take a year can't really remember when all of this came about so sue me) on our way into town Caleb spotted a shed, or shop or man cave what ever you wish to call it, anyway it was this strange blue color which matched the house that it sat behind (some people have terrible taste when it comes to paint, I mean really don't you find that to be true??) None the less he declared that it was his "blue house".

So since he thought up this blue house of his everything that he is not allowed to have at home or just doesn't get the second he asks for it to is automatically at his blue house for instance a motorcycle, a skate board, a whale or a tiger, a shot gun, a spiderman bicycle, green glowing slurppy crap, every soda ever possible they are all things one might find at his blue house.

Every time the subject of his blue house comes up, just to see what he will say I always ask if I can go to his blue house to which the answer is ALWAYS a resounding No and when asked why it is always the same answer as well "because you are not big enough momma" which I think is particularly funny because hello... I've got 25 years of bigger on him but none the less momma is not allowed at the blue house. Daddy on the other hand is allowed because as you may have guessed he apparently is big enough and is a boy which I am told make him more than qualified to go to the blue house as only boys are allowed and not girls.

So yesterday as I am driving Caleb to the sitters totally out of no where Caleb pipes up from the back seat and says "hey momma, I've got a girlfriend at my blue house" (now I am not sure where he has even heard talk of a "girlfriend" or if he means a girl that is his friend (cause HELLO girls are not allowed at the blue house) or if he means a true girlfriend you know the kissey face kind) but either way I almost ran off the road all the same.

The thought that my kid, my 3 year old kid, is hiding girls from me already is mearly enough to almost break my poor heart and I'm sure she's probably some hussy who will never be good enough for my son!! LMAO

Ode to the cat

Lets get one thing straight, I am a cat person or at least thought I was before owning one. Our cat "Kitty" (how original, yeah I'll take all the credit for that one) has been a part of our family for almost 9 years now. She's almost as fat as she is tall, which makes her somewhat round and she just thought she didn't like children, that is until we had one 3 years ago.

She and Caleb have what seems to be (to the untrained eye) a love/hate relationship. Caleb is the love, in that he wants everything to do with her no matter what time of day or night it may be, no matter if she is sleeping or awake, and no matter if she is feeling the love that day or not. Kitty is most certainly the hate side of the relationship, she hates everything to do with Caleb, wants NOTHING more than to plot his untimely demise every chance she can get and is positive that one day this ultimate plan of hers that she's been hatching over the last 3 years will play out just as she has it set in her mind.

So like any sibling since she can't stand Caleb she has taken to trying her hardest to get him into trouble. Now I don't have a lot to go on, since only one of them can verbalize their thoughts and feelings but I am most certain that I have this one all figured out.

The last two weeks or so we have had a hellofa time getting Caleb to go to sleep at night. We do our normal bedtime routine which consists of bath, prayers, singing our songs and rocking and then into the bedroom for a drink of "super water" (yeah I've got this kid down to a science) kisses and squeezes from both mom and dad and even some kisses for brown bear and then it's lights out and off to sleep, or at least that is how it used to work! Now there are no less than 4 trips to the bathroom (always 2 trips to pee pee and 2 trips to poo poo) and hey I'm not complaining at least he's getting it down to where most mornings he's waking up dry and I'm all for that. But even after his trips to the potty we are catching him out of his bed in the hallway more and more and most times he's sneaky but now it's just gotten to where he is down right brazen and bold about it.

Last night on my way into see what exactly he thought he was doing out of his bed much less out of his room it occurred to me that the cat has taken to laying in the hallway and taunting him.... yeah that's right you heard me.... she lays there on her back in the middle of the hallway with her yellow belly just itching for him to come and pet her, scratch her belly and tell her what a good girl she is. This is EVIL and must be stopped!!!

So when I talked to Caleb about why he was out of bed and out in the hallway (mind you I did not mention the cat what so ever) he says

"But momma, Kitty is lonely"

"Caleb she's a cat, she thrives I mean she likes being lonely"

"she came to lay outside my room so I would pet her,love her, and tell her what a good girl she is" "She is a good girl, isn't she momma?"

and when I wanted to say, "yes she's a good girl who's fixing to find her furry ass locked out in the cold, awful, dank and damp garage" I simply settled for a thoughtless threat instead

"son if you get back out of bed again I will be sending your daddy to spank you, now GO TO SLEEP"

(I know I could never really lock her out of the house, I just have too much heart for this fat cat of ours even if she has gotten more creative in finding ways to take out our other child ... do you think I am in denial about the fact that she might really be a threat I mean she does still have ALL of her claws??)

None the less... here she is in all of her glory (note that her claws are out and she "seems" to be asleep, I'm just betting that she's dreaming of yet another plot to fix that little shit that's always bugging her)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wooo Hooo

Just so you know, I just hit a milestone! While I am sure it is not much of a milestone to any one other than me... the last post I put up was my 50th!! I'm happy about it, you should be too!!!!

An oldie, but a goodie

Some of you here know once upon a time I was a teeny weeny bit obsessed with Myspace for a while, now that is not all that bad only because that is where I learned (as if I know all there is to know) to blog. So today for those of you who have not had a chance to see the more emotional and heartfelt side of me here ya go... this doesn't happen often so enjoy it. The following is a blog from my Myspace in August of this year.

"10 years have what now"

So this one is going to come straight out of left field, and may wander thru the last oh... 20 years of my life. Try to keep up, and if you get lost along the way just keep reading on and I am sure you will find yourself right smack dab in the middle of my simple mind!

First and foremost I will mention no names in this blog (those of you who know me well enough will know exactly who and what I am referring to). With that said lets begin!

I have spent the better part of almost 10 years now dealing with the loss of a best friend (no, no one died, we just parted ways on a sour note) and not just any best friend she was my childhood best friend, the kind of friend that you are supposed to have for life, the one who you can trust with your deepest, darkest, most humiliating secrets, the kind of friend who knows you and still loves you for the person that you are.

Now this friend and I quite literally had gone thru hell and back during the course of our friendship and I don't say that lightly I MEAN it. When you think about your middle school and high school years and all of the changing that not only you but everyone around you is doing that in and of itself can make life DRAMA filled and stressful but I mean over and above all of that drama we went thru some pretty hairy shit and always managed to take one shit-filled situation at a time... we always made it thru and we were always still best friends.

About 10 years ago, after a very (well SHIT how do I even describe in real words the parting of our ways) ok skip trying to describe that and on with the point I am trying to make.... so 10 years ago we became NOT FRIENDS very abruptly, very matter of factly, very hurtfully.... and I have still to this day ummm well have not gotten over it. Now when I say not gotten over it, it's not like I sit around for days on end or hours at a time and cry over it, nor do I tend to talk about it I just haven't taught my heart not to care about it, I guess is a good way to put it.

But in the last few months when said person pops into my mind, whether it be her birthday or just any other random day of the year I have started to figure it all out and have managed to convince my heart that it's ok to let go.

There have been many times over the last 10 years that we have "tried" to reconnect, this friend and I. And part of me honestly thought that if I just tried hard enough to care about what was going on in her life and sent enough random "hey how's your day" emails, showed her that I still remembered birthdays and anniversaries that things might some day be back to the way that they were when we were inseparable, turns out that didn't work and now I know why.

We grow up, we get on with our lives, we change from that snot nosed shitty teen that we once were and damn-it before we know it we are our own person and proud of that person that we have become with NO said help from that other person who used to be our "best friend". And it's ok, we are still breathing and functioning and living our lives from one day to the next. We are married and parents and proud of all of our accomplishments no matter how big or how small. We are filled with the love of the new friends we have made and we are ok with letting the past be just that.... the past. We harbor no hard feelings, because life is too short! We live for ourselves, for our families, and for our loved ones and I have decided that my life is exactly the way it was supposed to turn out and I am a happier, healthier more rounded person for it.

So to sum it all up for you, I have let go and quit wondering "what if, why, and just maybe" I wish her the best that life has to offer and want her to know all of the events that we have been thru in our lives as "best friends" are cherished memories (which I will carry with me forever, because they played a great part in the person that I have become), but I still have a lot more cherished memories that don't involve her from the past 10 years of my life and a lot more to make that won't involve her either and that's ok in my book.

You live and you learn!!!