Monday, September 29, 2008

All in a days work

Oh OK where do I even begin... I've gotten a little behind, after being out of the house so much the last few days. Where did I leave off???

OK so the wedding was great, if you have never been to the Mildred B Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista I highly recommend it. It is just beautiful, and especially this time of year when the leaves are starting to change and fall is beginning to peak it's head thru the tree's its just amazing. I did manage to get Danny to take a picture of me before we went... while I was all dressed up (he didn't want to take a picture with me, just of me... what a girl that husband of mine) so here I am in all my black dress glory

(funny side note about the black dress) as I was getting ready Danny asks me
"is black really appropriate to wear to a wedding"
my response in all my quick thinking, smart ass attitude
"well it might as well be a funeral.... right.... or would you disagree?"
to which Danny said

OK so after the wedding/funeral (which ever you want to call it) we decided that since we were not going to get to go to Bikes, Blues and BBQ this year we would come home change out of our "fancy clothes" put on some jeans and take the bike out for a spin. Sara thankfully had the kids in the back yard so we were able to sneak in strip down, change and haul ass back out without being seen :) It was oh so thrilling. We took Danny's motorcycle into Rogers and went and ate at Coltons then just drove around aimlessly for over 2 hours! It was AMAZING! The wind in your hair, the druel down your face (ha ha long story there, it's a story for a whole nother blog) the bugs down the throat and the wind whipped hair :) I LOVE RIDING THAT DAMN BIKE!!! I'm hooked really I am, I decided that when I grow up I want to be a biker chick! Sorry mom I know you had higher hopes for me than this but it is what it is and there is not much either you or I can do to change that so just suck it up and deal with it!!!

So then on Sunday we got up and went to Fred's to eat brunch! It was beyond yummy! And then went to Sam's and Wal-Mart. A few weeks ago Danny quite literally ran into an old friend of ours that neither of us has seen in about the last 12 or 13 years and we made a play date for his kids and our kiddo so we met them in Bella Vista at the park and let the kids run wild so that we could all visit and catch up with each other.

What is it about seeing "old friends" that makes one feel so.... well so OLD? Just when did we all get "growed up" enough to have children and to have to worry with things like mortgages and the state of the market?? And the last time I checked I am NO WHERE near old enough to have grey hair... yeah that's right I said it!! I have grey hair!!

None the less it was a wonderful day Sunday meeting Mike's wife and his two adorable kids and Caleb had the best time playing with the two of them and running butt wild all over the park.

That leads us to today... Monday!! After our play date last week with Amanda and her two boys Aidan and Asher we decided that since we all had so much fun we had to meet up again and play so more... this time... Amanda (who Caleb calls Ms. Panda) invited us to her house for some homemade potato soup :) So this morning Caleb and I loaded up and headed to Springdale to hang out and have fun. With a quick stop by Village Inn to pick up one of their french silk pies we were off to enjoy the day.
After finding the house (which might I say... I drove straight to without incident YEA ME) the boys played in the sand box and on the swing set and had a wonderful time. We even managed to make some new friends when Adam, Drew and their mom AJ came over as well. FYI ... I knew I was going to like AJ from the second I saw her.. because low and behold she was wearing my shirt!! OK well not my shirt but the exact same Foo Fighters tee that I have :) That one... she has good taste!!

Anyway I did manage to snap a few pictures of the boys playing so here ya go.....

So all in all we had a great weekend... and so far have had a great Monday! Tomorrow we are off to Mena to visit the fam. and when we get home on Thursday or Friday I am sure I will have plenty to fill you all in on!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh hurry Aunt Sara

Well today for the first time in I can't tell you when, Danny and I will be getting out of the house without one certain member of our family.... you know that certain member who kicks my butt from sun up to sun down! We have a wedding to go to today and not that I am really even all that excited about the wedding itself (I will admit that I don't even know the people very well that are getting married) but I am counting the minutes as the tick off the clock!! I think I would almost volunteer to donate a kidney some days just to be able to get out of this house alone and have some time to just be myself. Is that wrong? Is it strange that now that I am home all day, that there are days when I want nothing more than to just go away? Does that say something about my parenting? Does it mean that I'm failing at my new profession as a stay at home mom? Do other mom's feel this way? Oh the questions that race thru my mind on a daily basis!!

None the less, we are getting out today and I'm super excited about it! Plus I know that Caleb will be having a good time while we are gone. Aunt Sara and cousin Katie will be here to watch him and play. I told him yesterday that they were going to come over to play today and he actually cried because they wouldn't be here sooner!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

New back yard critter

So this is the new breed of critter I found this evening in our back yard...

I tried not to get too close because I didn't want to scare such a cute little buck away!

Living in the country has it's advantages!!

I'm having an affair

And while I am sure there are tons of other women out there are in EXACTLY the same position I am right at this very moment..... I'm not so sure they are as open to admitting it as I am so here goes nothing

"Hello my name is Krissi and I am having a affair with a television show"

Grey's comes on tonight and I just almost can't stand myself.... come on 8 o'clock before I DIE of anticipation.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My how things change

This afternoon I was sitting here thinking about how much has changed in our lives (OK MY LIFE in the last year) for example.....

Then: I worked at a job where I was under appreciated, over-worked and pretty much just all around abused mentally
Now: I work from home where I am under appreciated, over-worked and my mental status well depends on the day, the hour and the minute (but all kidding aside I wouldn't change it for the world love ya boys)

Then: I was constantly trying to balance my work life and my home life feeling like there just were not enough hours in the day for both
Now: I am still trying to find enough hours in the day to get it all done, laundry, dishes, breakfast, lunch, dinner (how did I ever work outside the home to begin with??)

Then: I complained constantly
Now: Oh wait I still do that... (bad example, lets see if I can come up with another one)

Then: I looked forward to 5:00 every day of the week mainly because it meant I was off work but also so I could fight the NW AR traffic to go and pick up my boy, who sometimes was not even the slightest bit excited to see me (how disappointing as a parent, but this does speak volumes about his babysitter :) We love you Lyssa)
Now: We fight traffic together everywhere we go, hence the reason Caleb learned the word "retard" the other day ( I guess there are worse things I could have said)

OK so it seems like a lot has changed to me but I guess the only thing that is really missing is the fact that I no longer get a PAYCHECK!! I feel cheated (is that wrong).

Caleb and I went up to Bella Vista the other day (about two weeks ago) and went by to see the ladies that I used to work with. As I was telling my mom, I do miss being there and seeing all of my old customers and getting to play catch up on all that is going on in the lives of my co-workers, I miss the adult conversation that I had when ever I wanted it, I miss my friends there terribly (although we still talk it's just not the same you know) but what far exceeds anything that I could possibly miss is the fact that when we were able to walk out the door I was able to walk out and NOT feel one itty bitty, teeny tiny, minuscule amount of STRESS! And that my friends is why I am more than happy to be the stay at home mom I am today paycheck or NO paycheck!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Still laughing

This morning as we were changing Caleb's wet pull-up here is how our conversation went

"Momma, does daddy have a tee tee" Caleb asked

"Yes son, daddy is a boy, so he has a tee tee just like you" I replied

"Sometimes it gets bigger momma" Caleb said (this is the part where I had to do everything humanly possible not to absolutely fall into the floor and die in a fit of laughter)

"that's normal son, so does daddy's" I said thru the laughter (in disbelief that I was even having this conversation with my 3 year old)

"it's just amazing me momma" Caleb replied with a huge smile on his face!!!

Why do I have the feeling this is not the last conversation we will have about the male anatomy?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a day

So today for the most part was yet another lazy Lindy Saturday. Hog's played Bama today and well it sucked that's all I have to say about it!

Caleb and I decided, while Danny was at the game, that we wanted to go out for dinner tonight and when Caleb got up from his nap he told me " I want to eat China" which I told him was not possible... I did however correct him and tell him that we could go eat Chinese if he wanted and seeing as how that is what he was wanting all along he was pretty happy about that.

While eating at Lins Garden for dinner Caleb started telling Danny some WILD tales which all involved Puma's, don't ask people I just tell it like I hear it. One such story went a little like this while he was asleep in his bed a puma snuck in and tried to eat him but the monsters that live in his bed scared it away ... wonder what a shrink would have to say about a dream like that??? Probably that his parents really had NO EFFIN CLUE what the hell they were doing while trying to raise a half way decent little boy and they totally screwed him up for life! Ahh the joys of parenting.

Friday, September 19, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...

So if I were to ever win an Oscar (or in the blog world what ever their awards are called) I would for sure have to thank my old (not as in age old... but as in known for a long time) friend Amanda :) She has inspired me to write a blog by her creative words and the endless drama she sustains on a daily basis. If you haven't already checked out her blog I highly encourage you to take a look here is the link to her page (and if you are really feeling froggy just jump on over to her "Grownup Blog" its a true treasure)

OK so enough praise and gratitude and all that happy crappy! The real reason I am here is to keep people up to date on all of the happenings in the life of the Lindy's!! So I will start with today.

Today began just like any other day, and by that I mean WAY to FREAKIN EARLY! I'm not sure who's genes my son got but I'm beginning to think that I may not be his mother! I am one who you might say adores the simple things in life ....... like ohhhh I don't know....... ummm sleeping in. However in this house the day starts at the butt crack-o-dawn if Caleb has anything to do with it. So up and at 'em we were by 6:30 this morning (and yes that is the butt crack of dawn to me, anything earlier to that would be suicidal) had the breakfast of champions which consisted of peanut butter toast and then watched an abundant amount of SpongeBob right up until we left to go to town.

You see as a mom you learn never to tell your child when anything fun is going to take place because as any good mom knows the endless whining and asking when will we go? what are we going to do?or my favorite, is it time yet? Is enough to push even the most stable of people (and lets not kid ourselves, I am far from being the most stable person I know already) to start climbing the tallest building within 100 miles and picking people off with a high powered rifle. So I purposely haven't told Caleb for the last week that Amanda and I were planning on taking the kiddo's to Jump Zone

We met Amanda, Aidan and Asher at Jump Zone and played for about 2 hours and we all had a great time. Left there and went to lunch at Firehouse Subs which was well.... for all intents and purposes a challenging lunch for Amanda. And for once I find it hard to believe (and you would too if you read her blog) that Aidan was almost a saint... it was poor Asher that was so tired he couldn't stand himself much less expect any of us to be able to. Caleb even gave it his best shot and sang Asher the ABC's and while it did keep his attention for a few moments alas it didn't help the mood. None the less all in all it was a great outing and I think we will do it again soon. I can see Aidan and Caleb becoming convicts I mean great buddies together if given the time and the chance and I know that it will do me good to get out of this house more often.

Sorry for not having any pictures of our fun today... I didn't remember my camera and since I have a POS cell phone it has no camera either! Next time I promise I will do my best to have evidence I mean pictures of all of the fun and incriminate behavior of all 3 boys!

A little more about us

Ok so since that "About me" section is WAY to small I thought I would take a little time to tell you about our family.

First let me introduce you to all of us crazy characters

Me - Krissi (aka the stay at home mom)

Then there is Danny my wonderful husband and bread winner for our family

And last but by no means least there is our wonderful son Caleb

So now that you know what your working with where do I begin....
How about we leave it with just introducing the bunch of us for now and I'll bring you up to speed in another blog post.