Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Totally R-O-T-T-E-N

Tell me I don't have one of the most rotten kid's in the world....

This little jewel now adorns our entire back yard! And as my husband so sadly put it, when checking out of Sam's with all 800 lbs of this play set "there goes my dream TV" what a good daddy to opt to spend the money of a play set for his rotten boy (which by the way is an early birthday present for the little booger, not a "just cause your special and rotten and spoiled" gift).

At any rate aside from the directions saying "will take two moderately skilled persons 20 to 24 hours to assemble" which totally made me laugh my ass off! It took Danny and my dad all weekend and after my folks left it took Danny and I another 3 days of working from the time we both got home from work till bed to finally get it all done!

Let me just tell you, this play set is by far the best decision we have made thus far as parents! Caleb loves it! Hell we love it, it keeps him totally occupied, throw in 500 lbs of sand in the sand box and I swear I have to stop, look around at all the toys that are in the middle of the living room floor and remind myself that I do in fact still have a child!

So here's to you Caleb.... Happy (really early) Birthday!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm knocking on the door

And don't wanna go in! To be a little more forthcoming in two days I turn 29.... sorry folks, 29 is just a little too close to that dreaded OLD number of 30 for my liking! Now don't get me wrong, for some of you I'm sure 30 was no problem, in fact some of you might have even enjoyed adding yet another decade to your lives, me... NOT.SO.MUCH.

Is it just me, or did you guys never think you would make it to 30? Honestly, I remember thinking how great it would be to be 20 something, but 30 Pshhh not me!

30 just seems so FINAL! Like there is no going back, you've made it, you came, you saw, you did and now your 30 FOR.CRYING.OUT.LOUD. You might as well just roll over and die!!!

My husband turned 30 not on his last birthday, but the one before (I like the older men, what can I say)! He didn't seem to have a problem with it, all he asked for was a party at Chuck E Cheese, you know "where a kid can be a kid". I'm starting to see why he wanted to go there, I think in some strange way he was trying to hold onto his youth before he fell off the cliff head first into O-L-D!!!

That's it, a year from Thursday please be prepared to hear the worlds loudest HISSY FIT, there will be kicking, screaming, holding of breath until turning blue in the face, cursing, crying and more than likely some MAJOR DRINKING... if 30 thinks its going to take another victim "quietly and easily" well that bitch has yet another thing coming, she has totally underestimated me!

(small side note, my sweet, wonderful and awesome husband/boss has given me the day off on Thursday to plot and scheme my evil plan for next year, I mean to go on the wonderful spa day that he surprised me with this year for my birthday... isn't he just the greatest)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A List of possible reasons for my lack of posting

So here are a few possible reasons for the fact that I have not posted a new blog in almost a month, they include but are not limited to the following, take your pick.....

I died...... (in which case I should probably be posting my obituary, and you might as well remove my from your list of favorite blogs to read, cause I don't think I'll be posting from the Great Beyond)

I had no Internet connection...... (don't pay any attention to the fact that I've updated my Facebook status probably 100 times just haven't posted anything)

I was involved in a horrific accident (insert blood curdling gasp here) that resulted in the loss of not just one but BOTH of my hands.......... (in which case could someone come over and please help me wipe......... what no takers............. sheesh and you guys call yourselves my friends....)

Temporary insanity ........ (ha we all know my insanity is not "temporary" its habitual)

I forgot the link to my own blog ....... (this one I would not put past myself..... but alas that's not it either)

I've gone "Green" and have revolted against the evil waste of electricity that it would take to turn my laptop on........ (wouldn't Obama be proud that I too, am doing my part for a little "Change" in this world)

The hierarchy at Fed-Ex Ground somehow stumbled across this blog and felt that it's contents somehow threatened national security........ (ummm yeah .. insert witty comment here)

I haven't left the house even once in the past month nor have I talked to a single soul and Caleb has not done even one slightly cute thing thus I have had NO blogging material ..... (if I hadn't left the house or talked to a single soul in a month my head would have exploded by now and you should refer to the first reason in this list, and we all know Caleb is the epitome of cuteness so of course he has done plenty of cute things)

Alas here is the real reason I haven't posted.... are you ready for this..... drum roll please..... I've been a lazy schmuck! Haven't felt like it, didn't want to, wasn't going to and you couldn't make me! There you have it folks, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!

I'll think about doing better! If I don't, well that's just the way it is and you'll have to deal with it won't you! HA