Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's here, It's here, Finally it's here

May 1st is finally here! Thank you Sweet Jesus! I thought I would never make it to this date, I thought for sure all of the drama and the turmoil in our families would surely do me in before I made it to this glorious day, but alas tomorrow is May 1st! What, what's that you say, whats so special about May 1st??? Seriously, you don't remember? Well now I've got my panties in a wad and my feelers all hurt (feelers is what Caleb says when he means feelings cute hua... )

Drum Roll please................... CAKE!!! CAKE....CAKE....CAKE!!! My very first concert ever! It's a somewhat out door venue and by somewhat I mean it's a huge monstrosity of a tent thingy that for some reason reminds me of the Sydney Opera House in Australia (even though it looks NOTHING like it) that is set up in the parking lot of the NW Arkansas Mall here in Fayetteville and yup, you guessed it, we are forecasted for severe thunderstorms.all.night.long! Thrilled, that would describe what I think of the forecast!

No rain, no hail, no wind is going to tarnish the excitement I have about this concert! Who knows I may even throw my panties on the stage (ha ok maybe that one is a little off character but hey I'm excited so stick it)! So with the threat of storms I will not be bringing my camera but I will have my Blackberry on hand and promise to try to take a few photos of the concert, and I promise I will be wearing panties in all of them (or will I)! LOL

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Just like a little girl I used to know. Caleb is just like me in so many ways it's scary, I cannot tell you how many different ways I've woken up after having gone to sleep with my head on my pillow!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Adoring Fans

After a long day of this......

Or in Caleb's case this....

Followed by a quick play in the water hose (you'll notice the lack of clothes in the next few pictures).

It's always nice to have a few close, adoring fans to appreciate all your hard work....

(The SpiderMan undies were just too much not to snap a few pictures. Half of the time he had one hand down the back of his underwear, how I didn't manage to snap a picture like that, I'll never know)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Isn't it funny

Actually I think the lyric goes "ain't it funny how a melody, can bring back a memory", and who ever wrote that song must have been living my life. Its so strange to me that I can hear a song and instantly be taken back to a time and place that seems so far away, the days before we were a family, even days before we were a "we".

For example, any time I hear anything from Pink's first CD, I'm riding in an 18 wheeler on my way to Los Angeles, CA... now looking back this is not one of my fondest memories but it's a part of what made me the me I am today and for that I guess I'm thankful.

Any time I hear, or see a reference to the Oscar Meyer wiener song it takes me back to being pregnant with Caleb. I made up a song I used to sing to my belly when I was pregnant with him that went a little something like this
"my belly has a first name it's C-A-L-E-B, my belly has a second name it's L-I-N-D-Y, oh I'll love to watch him grow and play and if you ask me why I'll say "cause Caleb Lindy has a way with me his M-O-M-M-A"
Cute I know, and catchy too (sorry if you now have the Oscar Meyer wiener song stuck in your head the rest of the day).

Llynard Skynard takes me back to a time right after graduating high school, when nothing in my world seemed right or good and all I could do was get high and listen sing my heart out to some Tuesday's Gone and Free Bird.

Live's song "Lightening Crashes" takes me back to the night I lost my virginity (stop reading now MOM) when Danny (yes he was my first, and now we are married, again how cute... ugg there were others of which I am not proud) and I were both virgins and had NO CLUE what we were doing. Wow was this one TMI? None the less it's a memory I live over and over again every time I hear this song.

I simply cannot hear the song "Daddy's Hands" and not be moved to tears, when memories of my grandfather flood over me.

Then there is my favorite song of all times, Pearl Jam "Yellow Ledbetter" which always makes me think of throwing darts, drinking beer and being surrounded by friends and family all of which I love!

So, my adoring 15 followers, I ask what are some songs that take you back? And if you are here, reading this and not a follower, you too can leave a comment, but I'll just tell you, you are way cooler when you are a follower of this blog, it's a proven fact, ask the 15 that do and I am sure they will tell you that there lives have been greatly improved and enriched just by becoming a follower of this blog! I'm just saying....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

To be, or not to be

Lately I've been slacking! What, you haven't noticed? Well to say I've had a lot on my plate is like saying the world is kinda round! The week following the tornado in my home town our family suffered a tragic loss. Danny's 23 year old cousin was killed in a car accident and while I thought I would handle it ok (seeing as how I was not that close to him) the "momma side" of me kicked in and to be honest it tore me up. I still cannot imagine being a parent who suffers the devistating loss of losing a child, and pray that I never have to.

Aside from all of that, there has been the seemingly never ending task of trying to get Caleb's asthma under control, not to mention his allergies which cause his asthma to flare! Add to that the fact that my Fed-Ex truck had to go to the shop to have its brakes worked on, and now your seeing the chaotic life that I've been leading the last few weeks!

At any rate I promise to try to fit a few more posts in a little more often! So there HAPPY NOW???

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Words cannot describe

Last Thursday April 9th at around 8:00 pm my hometown of Mena, AR was destroyed by an F3 tornado, after having been there this past weekend I don't have the right words to describe it so these pictures will have to do. 3 people lost their lives and countless others lives will never again be the same. Please keep the small town of Mena in your prayers

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's not nice to lie...

And it's really STUPID to lie about something that is so OBVIOUS........

Do they think we are really stupid enough to believe that this ,in fact is not a bow, but a "matter of a height differential" between Obama and a Saudi Arabian King

Do the people of the US have the word "Sucker" written on their foreheads? Maybe those who voted for him should go check!

Monday, April 6, 2009

There's always one in the crowd

Saturday night I had a first.... it's been a long time since I've had a "first" anything that is unless you count almost every day as a mom, Caleb never lets me down when it comes to first times to do things, I digress back to the point here. Danny and I went to watch a MMA (mixed martial arts) fight and it was awesome!! I've never witnessed a fight in real life before, sure, sure I've seen them on TV random boxing matches here and there but to be there in the crowd and to be a part of it all, well it was exhilarating to say the least.

We went to support a guy that we work with at Fed-Ex, who was fighting for the title in his weight division and I am more than happy to report that he actually won his fight! The last fight he fought in he broke the guys jaw (brutal I know) and in Saturday nights fight he broke the guys thumb...... remind me not to piss this guy off!

None the less, Derek's fight was the final fight of the night which meant that we had to sit thru about 5 other fights to get to his. Sitting thru the other fights helped me to get used to all the tactics that are used, the blood and the down right carnage of it all so needless to say by the time his fight was announced I was pumped and ready to cheer. Some of you who read my blog may remember me in high school, some of you may have even had the unfortunate experience of sitting within a 2 mile radius of me at a few Friday night Bearcat Football games (ha bet that didn't happen 2 weeks in a row) and let me be the first to apologize for any and all hearing loss I may have caused, I tend to get a little loud and a little proud when it comes to sports and in high school I was cheering for one of two people Danny (my now husband) or my brother so really I shouldn't have to apologize!

So here I am screaming like I've got a pair (along with SEVERAL others I might add) when I realize that this red headed hussy about two rows down from us keeps sticking her fingers in her ears every time I open my big mouth. This would be a good time to tell you that there are 3 rounds to a fight and each round lasts 5 minutes (lucky for her Derek's only went a full two rounds), and when there is someone that you know in that ring either A) beating the crap outta the other guy or B) is getting the crap beat outta him by said other guy...... well what can I say the adrenaline kicks in and gets the best of you!

So any thought of "tuning it down" was just that.... a fleeting thought! Needless to say she wasn't happy with just putting her fat fingers in her ears she ends up turning to her boyfriend (read dealer/pimp) and starts whining about my yelling, I freakin lost it, maybe it was all the blood shed I'd already witnessed, maybe it was the fumes of testosterone wafting in the air but there was NO way I was going to sit there and keep my mouth shut.

Round two started and there I was screaming one minute, chugging the Dr. Pepper the next because it would seem that my screaming was a little outta practice... none the less Derek has this other guy pinned down and it just repeatedly hitting him in the face, over and over and over and over again and the crowd was FREAKING.WILD. Well all the crowd except for her and wouldn't you guess it shes still complaining about my screaming, when finally I've had enough, I turn to her and say (maybe scream at this point I really can't be held responsible for my own actions, I was a little lost in the moment)

"If you don't like it, your ass isn't chained to that bleacher, MOVE"

(eye roll from snotty read headed bitch)

Then I got really old school on her... she just thought I was loud before, ha she hadn't seen anything yet!!!

Sunday morning I woke up and could hardly speak and while I would love to think it was because I was so proud of Derek winning his fight, I know better.... it's because I was trying to be the bigger bitch and out do even myself with an amount of volume that I'm pretty sure would have shattered windows, had there been any windows in that arena!

Did I mention that he is fighting again in June.... plenty of time between now and June to drink some hot tea, regain my voice, burn the image of her face into my brain and so help me I'm gonna sit RIGHT.SMACK.DAB behind her again if it kills me!!!

I mean am I wrong here, who goes to any kind of sporting event and then whines about the volume? I guess there's always one in the crowd!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Waiter... There's some Dumbass in my Democracy

Ok I've tried, honestly I have, I tried to keep my mouth shut since all of this bail out crap hit the fan and to be honest I think I've done damn good thus far (that is unless your my mother, in which case I think she's seen my head spin around a full 180 and heard the f-bomb come outta my mouth more than a few times these last few weeks).

I have had it!

I am sick to death with the current administration spending MY tax dollars faster than they can bill me for more!

I'm sick of bailing out the auto industry

I'm sick of bailing out the banks

I'm sick of hearing "how AWFUL Wall St. did today and what ever will it do tomorrow"

I'm sick of the federal government now offering to cover the warranties for the failing auto companies (with my tax dollars you better believe it)

I'm sick of the answer to EVERY effing problem being spend, spend, spend!

I'm sick of Tim Geithner (who by the way is a TOTAL waste of space, but that's just my opinion)

I'm sick of Nancy Pelossi

I'm sick of Congress

I'm sick of the Senate

I'm sick of seeing that a lot (not all but a lot) of Obama's cabinet appointments have not paid some or all of their taxes (you better believe if it were you or me we'd be in jail by now, or at least on the street with nothing to our names)

I freakin HATE (and yes I am aware that's a strong word) Nancy Pelossi

I hate the fear tactics that the current administration is using to get bills passed into laws without having done their homework or hell without even having read the damn bill from start to finish (24 hours to ram thru that HUGE stimulus bill, 24 freakin hours and while we are on this subject can we chalk up one lie to Obama for this right here. He made a campaign promise to the people to let each and every bill that came his way sit on his desk (and have a copy on line for each of us to read) for 5 days before he would sign it in't legislation! Humm 24 hrs ='s 5 days ..... dumbass)

I'm sick of the power grab that has become the Office of the President of the United States

I'm sick of seeing people overstep their responsibilities/constitutional boundaries/job titles and do what ever the hell they want to do ! And who's gonna hold them responsible? (fire company executives, demand bonuses be returned and give out personal information of company executives so that hoards of people can stand on their front lawns while screaming death threats upon their families and scaring their children)

Did I mention that Tim Geithner is a total dumbass, I fear that it may be contagious to those around him on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis.... seriously idiot I swear!

We all know that Obama ran on the platform of "Change" but lets be honest... is this really the kind of change we need in this country? Do you really want your children to inherit trillions upon trillions of debt because we let this administration run buck wild and spend like it's going outta style?

I don't believe this is a Democrat vs Republican issue, I certainly don't believe it's a Black vs White issue, It's not a Right wing vs Left wing issue, what it is boils down to is a right vs wrong issue! And last time I checked right vs wrong is a bipartisan issue!!

Now we have the G20 summit where Obama is going to try to talk other countries into doing just what he has to "stimulate the economy" and you know what... they are all laughing their asses off at what once was the strongest powerhouse of all of the countries in the world, you know the country they used to respect (or at least pretend to) the one that actually had things that were worthy of being respected. We have China on one hand warning us that we don't want to spend so much, because HELLO they own a majority of our debt, and has Obama even stopped to think what would happen if they all of a sudden (due to the poor economic conditions no doubt) decided to quit buying up all of our debt? Yeah you think things are bad now...

Then there is England who has point blank told us, you DO NOT WANT TO BECOME A SOCIALIST economy because hello folks that's what they are and it doesn't work!! Nicholas Sarkozy was quoted as saying "Obama is taking that country to hell" is he the only one who's got a pair big enough to say such things? But if you ask me (which you didn't but I'm gonna tell ya anyway) that is exactly where we are headed with all of this MORE GOVERNMENT, BIG GOVERNMENT attitude!

Hell is there anything Obama thinks can't be fixed by increasing the size of the Government? I just heard last night that now his cabinet has decided to put a "Recession Depression" website up to help those of us who are "rather stressed by the current economic situation" (I'm beginning to think I should have saved this post for my "F-U Friday post, in fact I think I will). Perhaps I will just give them a little ring and see if I can possibly get a little bail out of my own!

You all know that I didn't vote for this, I voted for John McCain. Yes, yes I was bitter for a while that my candidate lost, seeing as how that had never happened to me before it took me a little getting used to the fact that I actually didn't get my way, obviously the American majority weren't made aware of the fact that Momma ALWAYS gets her way. I cried about it for a while, tried to wrap my mind around it and tried to move on with some cautious optimism (ok maybe I wouldn't go that far)... but (and here's where the F you part comes in) F you President Obama for making "moving on" impossible for me. F you President Obama for appointing a bunch of tax cheating crooks to some of the most powerful jobs in this country. F you President Obama for going ape shit and spending millions, nope scratch that, TRILLIONS of hard working tax payers money on some sketchy (at best) plans to stimulate the economy thus leaving my child and my child's children FOREVER in debt that they will NEVER be able to repay. F you Nancy Pelossi for being such a power hungry bitch. F you Tim Geithner for being such an idiot, a tax cheat and a total liar. Oh and F you again Obama for breaking campaign promises left and right since taking office 74 days ago, once a politician always a politician right???

If this is the "change" that everyone who voted for him was looking for, perhaps you should have all just packed up and moved to England I hear they already practice socialism there, and FYI I hear it's not working out so well for them!!

(Please forgive the fact that this post is a bit of a rambling mess, it's just that there is so much that I've left out and so much more that I needed to say, but for times sake and well the fact that I really don't want death threats I felt it necessary to cut this a bit shorter than I had planned mmmmkay)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stay Tuned....

Tomorrow's F You Friday post will be a doooooozy!! I promise that it will be thought invoking and probably insulting to some of you :) You know me I like to keep it interesting around the bloggy world. So make sure to tune in tomorrow and please don't be afraid to leave comments, I'm a big girl, I've got my big girl panties ready and waiting to slip into shortly before I hit that "publish" button... so yup I can take it!!

All I will say as a tease (man I love being a tease) is that I think I've done remarkably well in keeping my trap shut for the past 73 days..... tomorrow, well, the cat's outta the bag!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Boring Sunday afternoon's lead to this......(and just so you know this cow was greatly entertained by all of Caleb's dances, songs and all of his silliness, because she stayed just like this for about 10 to 15 minutes just taking it all in, also on a small side note... cows are not big fans of spaghetti noodles I'm just sayin)