Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold Saturday

Two highlights to my day....

I got my hair done (see below) added some honey blonde highlights and some bronze ones as well :) Something different, a change that was desperately needed! (please ignore the pink bra in the back ground)

And #2 ... this sweet little boy went to bed tonight, with his best buddy.....(see below)

Other than that, it was freakin cold, snowing all day long and I'm sick of winter!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

My 8's

Thanks to my friend Jonnie (you can find her here) I came up with the following post!!

My list of 8’s:

8 TV shows I watch:

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Private Practice
3. ER ( I am so so so so sad that this is the FINAL season for ER I have watched it for the last 10 + years, uggg so sad)
5. The City (yes I am ashamed that I watch anything on MTV)
6. ANYTHING on Food Network (I got hooked on this when I was pregnant with Caleb and put on bed rest, there is NOTHING to watch all day long, and thus I discovered the Food Network) My favorites are Paula Dean & Bobby Flay
7. Survivor
8. Brothers and Sisters

Favorite Restaurants (random order):

1. I have to totally agree with Jonnie and say Suree's (even though it is no longer in operation, I would almost give my left leg to be able to eat there again, it just brings back SOOOO many family memories and the food, oh the food it was soooo wonderful)
2. Olive Garden
3. Chiquitas (I miss being in Mena if only to eat here)
4. Red Robin (the burgers are awesome)
5. Fire House Subs
6. Village Inn (great place for breakfast)
7. Las Fajitas (Bella Vista, I used to eat there at least once a week, and they knew what I was going to order when they saw me walk thru the door...that's just good service)
8. McDonald's (not for their food, because it leaves a lot to be desired, but because Caleb always has soooo much fun playing)

Things that happened to me today:

1. Seeing as how it's only 8:57am I think I'll reflect upon yesterday.
2. For the first time I got soaking wet at work, Fed-Ex + Down pour= SUCKS
3. Caleb did not throw a fit when I dropped him off at the sitters (this is always something to celebrate in our family)
4. I did 3 deliveries for Danny, and as any of you who read my blog know... I DON'T DO DELIVERIES!! I do pick ups! (and mind you I didn't even complain at all... I am the best wife in the world)
5. Fixed BBQ pulled pork for dinner
6. Changed our hotel reservations for our Oaklawn weekend (only one week away and I am oh so ready and excited to go)
7. Thought about calling in sick to work, I was so tired all day long
8. Learned how to turn on and off the windshield wipers in my big truck

Things I look forward to:

1. Oaklawn weekend!!
2. Not turning 30 this year (or next year, or the year after... in fact since I turn 29 this year... I will continue turning 29 FOREVER.)
3. Nap's
4. Family visits
5. CAKE concert
6. Caleb's laugh (this kid has one funny laugh, which ALWAYS makes us laugh right along with him)
7. Caleb's birthday
8. getting to sleep in late

Things I wish for:

1. Health and happiness for all of my friends and family (this yr has been full of sickness for us all)
2. More friends (who can honestly say, no thanks, I've got enough friends)
3. An easy refi on our house this winter (YIKES)
4. A big tax return (even though I am afraid we will be owing taxes DOUBLE YIKES)
5. Did I already say health... cannot get over how sick we have all been
6. My cousin getting out of prison SOON!!
7. A better sense of style (I have to agree with you on this one too Jonnie, my style is lackin)
8. The Maserati that passed me on 540 the other day... OH MY GAWD it was BEAUTIFUL!!

Ok so those are my 8's! What would your 8's be?? If you've got the time (and nothing else to blog about ... like me....) leave me a comment and go do your own post... I wanna know what your watching on TV for crying out loud! LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I did a bad, bad thing

I made a purchase in the last few days, that my husband knows NOTHING about! (Here's to hoping he doesn't read my blog)

We are about to take a "kid free" trip to Hot Springs, AR for one of our annual Oaklawn Racing weekends. We will have each other all to ourselves and I thought this deserved something extra!! Something small, black, and sexy extra! So I went on line to an adult lingerie store and ordered this

And while, I am quite sure I won't look as good in it as she does..... I don't think I'll be hearing any complaints outta hubby!

I love surprises!! It's killing me that it came UPS today and I haven't told anyone about it.... now if only I can keep Caleb's little yapper shut! He saw the UPS Guy and I can just imagine what he will have said to daddy about it by the time I get home from work tonight.

Just in case he does decide to rat me out... I've hidden the loot where no one will find it :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Going the Distance

I have a confession to make.... it will be shocking...... those of you with weak constitutions should turn away now......... please click here if you are under the age of 18........ leave now if you can't take the heat of what is about to be confessed....... seriously........ you have been warned!

I have never been to a concert! Yes, yes you heard me right N.E.V.E.R had the wonderful experience of seeing a big named band live in concert! And for years I've sulked, pouted and been rather pissy about it.

Well NO MORE! As of May 1st, 2009 I am checking this one VERY IMPORTANT thing off my bucket list!

Guess who's coming to Fayetteville....

and guess who ordered their tickets yesterday....
oh yeah... that's right... I'm "Going the distance, I'm going with speed, I'm all alone, all alone in my time of need" (lyrics for those of you who are not well versed in CAKE music) I'm so freakin excited I just almost cannot stand myself!!!

So today's mission should you choose to accept it... tell me about your first concert, who was it? Where was it? What year (or aprox. time frame, as if the band won't give that answer away) seriously I want to know what I'm in for... help a girl out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Move over Maybelline

Apparently I have what most women would die to have according to every other commercial on television these days, and how dare I be ungrateful for it!

Max Factor, Maybelline, Revlon, and Cover Girl can all kiss my ass! My eye lashes are thick, plump, long and luscious and pissing me off! Is it against some rule to trim your eye lashes? Cause if not I'm all over it!!!

It seems I cannot wear my sunglasses without having to scoot them down the bridge of my nose so my damn eye lashes don't hit the lenses. Normally this doesn't bother me, however, now in my new found profession as a box monkey, every time I bend over to pick up a stupid box my sunglasses try to slide completely off my face, which results in me having to stop, readjust and then go back to trying to get said box picked up and into my truck! This has to waste like, oh I don't know, 10 millionths of a second at EVERY.STOP. And is beginning to become a great pain in my ass. Not to mention it means I have to touch my face with my N.A.S.T.Y dirty, box monkey hands and that alone grosses me out every time.

Forget wearing mascara... I just plain can't, don't need to in the first place, but seriously if I put mascara on it's going to be a bad, bad day for all who come across my path!

So I'm asking, is there really some unwritten rule that says you can't trim your eyelashes? If not, would I be completely out of line in giving mine a little touch up? Just a little snip, snip I swear!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

So today is not the "typical" Wordless Wednesday.. but a less words Wednesday!

All I will say is TAXES SUCK... and I really need a MUCH better filing system for things such as fuel receipts, tire receipts and truck service receipts... SERIOUSLY!!

Here's to hoping I find LOADS of write-offs!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


So this past weekend we had my 8 year old niece stay the night with us, Caleb loves when she comes to stay! Bless her heart Caleb drives her C-R-A-Z-Y with is normal 3 year old antics but she plays so well with him and meets most of his demands.

The three of us were all snuggled up on Caleb's bed watching Madagascar 2 on Saturday night, when the cat decided to get nosey and see what we were all up to. When she jumped up onto the bed she landed right in the big middle of K causing her to say "oooohhhhh" (the conversation that followed made me pee on myself just a little)

Caleb: "did kitty hurt your boy parts K?"

Me: (trying not to fall out of the bed laughing so hard) "Caleb, K is a girl, so she doesn't have boy parts"

Caleb: "well it sounded like kitty hurt K's boy parts, cause that's the sound you make when they get hurt"

It's the little things in life that keep me going most days, and this is one that I won't soon forget!

> In other news<

My hubby and I had a date this weekend for the first time in, well, I can't remember the last time we went on a date of any sorts. Now, before you get all "ahhh, how sweet, they went on a Valentines date" lets remember this is my husband we are talking about here, so that awww crap is for the birds, this date had nothing to do with the fact that it was anywhere near the 14th of February and everything to do with the fact that he's had several people tell him how good the new movie "Taken" is.

It was awesome, action packed (which I usually don't like all that much) but still had a strong story line and was just all around, two stubby thumbs up :)

After our movie we went to a late lunch, early dinner at none other than Red Lobster and I am sad to say that will be my last rodeo with Red Lobster.

The food was awful, the service was worse, and all around the whole "time to eat without our child" experience SUCKED! I was very disappointed to say the least, but Danny on the other hand could not be any more ecstatic about it. He has always loved seafood, yet hated Red Lobster! He says that their food is always over cooked, and under taste! And as of yesterday I have to agree with him, it was a sad, sad day for me to have to willingly, or more wantfully give up one of my favorite restaurants but at least I still have Olive Garden!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Tale of Two Marriages (aka my 100th post)

Several of you have asked, thanks to my ultra-informative post about me, about the fact that I have been married twice to the same man. So I thought I would tell you the story of "us".

It begins like most "high school sweetheart" stories you hear, young, stupid, and in love! Danny and I dated off and on from the time I was in the 6th grade and he was in the 8th (wow I suddenly feel freakin OLD). We met at church camp of all places, which I later found out he went to, to impress a different girl that was at camp that year, turns out God (or possibly Satan himself) had different plans for that man of mine!

Lord almighty we had our fare share of drama and sometimes were off again more than on, but we always had a way of getting back together at least every other week throughout high school:)

So it was decided that after I graduated we would get married (I'm pretty sure I decided this all on my own come to think of it) nonetheless I spent my entire Sr. year of HS planning my wedding instead of doing all the "fun stuff" that most normal people do. I graduated HS on May 15th and we got married on May 16th (never mind I was 17 at the time and not even pregnant... you know the legitimate reason to get hitched) we decided to do it that way like a two for one deal for all our relatives, come to the graduation and stick around for some wedding cake! LOL

Thus our first marriage was official, as I drove us away from the Country Club reception, wedding dress piled up on top of me (Danny was umm unable to drive due to a minor traffic violation that left him with a suspended drivers license... I think they call it DWI.... oh the good old days) so away we went into the sunset to begin our blissful life as a happily married couple.

Only, well, it SUCKED! We fought, we argued, we cussed and threw things at each other, we were both so stubborn that neither of us would say sorry or admit defeat, we openly admitted to each other that we HATED each other, we screamed, neither of us cleaned because why should I have to clean your mess? We were too ashamed to ask for any kind of guidance (because hello I was 17, or 18 and I knew what I was doing) we failed miserably.

At 18 years of age I stood before a judge in the Polk County court house and asked for him to grant a divorce based on "irreconcilable differences" when what I really wanted to say was that I had screwed up, married an asshole and wanted out. The judge was a DICK, sure he granted my divorce petition, but he did it with such condescension and presumption that it made me feel like a total failure. I can remember having a talk with my dad that afternoon sitting out on the front porch of my parents home (which I had moved back into at this point) and saying as I choked back tears "who will ever want me now, I'm 18 and divorced" and that is honestly how I felt (low of all lows).

So what now? I'm a free woman, divorced, and still in small town no where.... So I did what any girl in my situation would do... I sewed my wild oats (I'll save this post for a later date) ended up in a town about 80 miles from where I was born and raised dating a guy who was NOT good 'to' me and NOT good 'for' me and suddenly I started to realize that things happen for a reason. (I totally laugh out loud every time I think of this particular guy because he is now one very FAT very UGLY guy and I have a tendency to think to myself... Karma is a bitch buddy).

None the less fast forward to about two years after our divorce, throw in a completely FREAK Ice storm (I know what your thinking... you guys get a lot of freak ice storms in AR... not really I swear....) by some strange chance I found out that Danny was also in town at his mom's house and decided to call just to see how he was doing, I mean hell we had no power, I was iced in he was iced in might as well make the most of it right. Turns out he was just in town visiting, he was working for a company that sent him all around the US to fix air planes and was actually living in up state New York at the time.

When the ice had thawed it was time for him to go, and I felt an all too familiar twinge in my heart when he left.... Turns out he sent me a ticket to come up for a week and visit him and I jumped at the chance. Aside from getting lost in Canada for 4 hours in crack freakin central (also totally a post for another time), our visit was AWESOME. He and I talked about me moving up there to live with him and all that was left to do was to convince my parents that this was in fact a good idea! Ha... (will save this post for another time as well)

As luck would have it, the contract that he was working on ended before I got packed and moved so he came back to our home town and we started all over again. Only this time we moved away from the town where everyone knows your name and your business and while I will admit there have been several bumps along the way, we managed to get through them all and have a wonderful, all be it most days a pain in the butt, 3 year old, a house, our own business and all the love that two people could have!

I am a lucky, lucky lady (I don't spend nearly enough time reflecting upon that).

So there you have it guys, the story of us! So with much love it's to my 2nd marriage to the same man that I dedicate this my 100th post!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost 100

So this is my 99th post (woo hoo)! And I am working on my 100th to make sure it's super special, wonderful and spectacular!

However today I am asking for encouragement from everyone. Our family got some news yesterday that none of us was prepared for, none of us wanted, and I'm not willing to accept yet. Not quite sure what I am going to do with it, but so help me I am going to do something!

Things in life don't always go the way we think they should, you don't always get what you wish for, turn lemons into lemonade yadda yadda yadda that craps for the birds! I'm pissed! Seems the Arkansas Dept. of Corrections made a little slip up, read HUGE FARKIN SCREW UP and now two days before my cousin was set to walk thru those gates back into the arms of his family... ummm parole denied! If you don't know the story read here You can bet our family is writing letters, you can bet that this boy has more prayers offered up on his behalf that just about anybody out there, but still I feel like there is more than I can/should do... just not sure what that is yet but I plan to find out.

Have I mentioned that I hate ADC!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

"F" you Friday

So today I am taking a page from one of my favorite bloggers Cristin at Tiptoeing Through the Tulips and making a "F" You Friday post!

So without further ado....

Dear Bentonville Electric Company,

I am writing today to give you a small but very meaningful award. This month, and lets not forget last month, you successfully managed to make my blood pressure bolt through the roof in 2 seconds flat (that is some kind of record, only rivaled by my son himself during childbirth). Last month was bad enough when the bill came in the mail and was over $300 umm yeah, can you say HOLY SHIT??? I spent the rest of the day after having opened the mail trying to figure out just which kidney I could live without in order to pay your farking bill! I cringed when writing out the check and thought seriously about alternative means of power, I'm still thinking there is some way to take all of the energy I've been using to wipe butts and noses around this house and put it to some good use, you know like toasting a piece or bread (more on that when I've patented it, don't want to give you bastards anything else to steal from me).

But yesterday, oh yesterday when that lovely bill came like clockwork in the mail... yesterday you got my attention like a gun shot to the face! I opened that bill just waiting to see how much difference it made that I had turned the thermostat down those 2 degrees, to see how much of an improvement it had made that we have built a fire in our fireplace to help "supplement" heat in this 1300 sq ft house of ours for the last who knows how many days, to see that all those lights being turned off when we walk out of the room really does account for something!! So you can imagine my surprise when the FARKING BILL is $100 higher than last month.

I didn't hesitate to pick up the phone and call your wonderful customer service rep. rip off her head and shit down her neck when she answered and in the nicest, condescending tone she could muster and asked me "what seems to be the problem". After giving her a good verbal ass whoopin' over the phone, she offered to have someone come out and re-read our meter which was lovely of her. However when she called back yesterday afternoon while I was at work... AT A STOP where I couldn't answer the phone (which was part of her EVIL plan all along I am sure) and left me an all too chipper voice mail telling me that the reading was correct and we owe the amount printed on our bill and then decided to toss in her words of wisdom "maybe its a new appliance pulling more energy than you guys are used to using" I decided right then and there I would be awarding you guys the award for F YOU (you money grubbing bastards)!!

Cherish this award, shine it and pass it all around your office so that it has time to sit atop every desk there, you can tell stories to every customer that walks through the door about how you "totally had a lady by the balls and made her alone pay for all of the overtime for those electric guys after that ice storm" you might even let the "employee of the month" take it home one weekend but only if they promise to keep it in their sights at all times to make sure it is well kept and protected!

You guys deserve this award today more than anyone else I know! So this is your chance, you bunch of money grubbin' bastards, your 15 minutes of fame... FARKIN ENJOY!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

All's well that ends well

Man am I glad that yesterday is behind us. Let me say thank you so much for all of your prayers, I apparently gave birth to a Rock Star 3 years ago! We went for his blood draw and while I was sure I would need the assistance of 4 nurses they provided me with 2 (their loss, I thought). Caleb and I climbed up on the table and I assumed the position of restraining his legs with my legs and his arms with my arms(I looked something like a mama crab all wrapped around this boy of mine) while one nurse grabbed one arm and the other stood directly in front of us to help hold his legs, out came the needle and the dreaded "your going to feel a little stick" was said and just when I was at my best, ready to walk out of there with a black eye, and busted lip from my flailing child the strangest thing happened.... NOTHING.... and I really mean nothing, Caleb didn't so much as whimper, whine, thrash or moan. He sat there in true little Rock Star form and watched the nurse draw his blood without so much as a tear in his eye. Momma on the other hand felt like she could pass smooth out at any second but I managed to keep it together.

Needless to say Caleb was the coolest kid at daycare yesterday, with all his battle wounds to show and stickers to flaunt and he was all about that!

When Daddy picked him up, he took his little champ to Chic Fill A to play and eat as a reward for being such a brave boy and the two of them had a great time.

Momma got home from work last night and after such a long day filled with all kinds of stressful situations Caleb was worn out (so was I if anyone else cares) so it wasn't long before I got him in the bath and got him to bed. This was the last thing I saw last night before I went to bed myself

You will notice that I said I put him in his bed... however he didn't seem to want to stay there and ended up in his hall passed out cold. I did manage to get him up and back into his bed and he didn't so much as move he was exhausted!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

**Update** #1

I paid $50 for NOTHING at the Allergy Dr. this morning ... that makes momma oh so happy!

There were no needles involved and Caleb was a true ROCK STAR! However the testing that they use has a "control" spot that they prick him with included in with all of the other things like milk, dairy, pet dander etc. and wouldn't you know that the control that is supposed to flare up DIDN'T work!!

Thus we are going at 1:30 to have his blood drawn (I am not thinking that this is going to go so well) I know how bad I hate to have MY blood drawn... pretty sure I am going to hate this worse. The worst thing he's been subjected to thus far is having his shots and at least that is once and done and over with quick, this he will have to sit still for and I can't make any promises!

Will update this evening when I get home from work and let you all know how it goes!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prayers Please

Just a quick post tonight, mainly cause I'm exhausted and ready for bed (should have been there at least 2 hours ago).

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 I am taking my sweet, sweet, not so mild tempered little boy to the allergy Dr. to be tested for food allergies. We have been fighting some MAJOR skin issues for as long as I can remember Caleb will tell you "my tummy is broke out" or "my booty is broke out" but this is like the worst eczema/hives/I don't even know what it qualifies as it's just that AWFUL. His Dr. seems to think that he has a food allergy, more than likely milk so we are going to find out for sure.

Please keep us in your prayers, this appointment lasts two hours and involves MANY needles from what I understand (I am hoping that this is false information.... praying even that it it) and of course Danny will be working so Mama will be the one there to have to hold him down and make everything ok. I am really not sure how this will all go.

So yeah lots of prayers and I will update you guys as soon as I know something!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Fascinating and Factual

So it's Monday and for once in my life, I am EXCITED about going to work! Yes, yes you read that first sentence right and why is it that I am so excited about going to work today?? Because that means that I will be OUT.OF.THIS.HOUSE!!

Anyhow I thought I would be really random today and let you all in on a few fascinatingly strange facts that make me... me. Some of these you may know and some of them I can bet you don't

1. I have two pet peeves (well actually I have a lot more but these two are at the tip top of my list) First toilet paper should ALWAYS come over the top of the roll, I have been known to go to people's houses and change the way their toilet paper is hung and Second I simply cannot stand to have wet hair in my hands like as in when you are washing your hair and the hair that falls out THAT wet hair makes my skin crawl... needless to say not looking so good for me to have a career in cosmetology!

2. I bite my fingernails mercilessly, I know it's disgusting and I try to make myself stop but there is just no stopping me. My brother does this as well... do you think it might be genetic?

3. My favorite meal in the world is my mom's chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and green peas.... and when I eat this meal the only RIGHT way to eat it is to put my peas into the whole that I carve out in my mashed potatoes and then cover them with gravy! It's what I do best!

4. I much prefer baths over showers, and more often than not I wash my hair in our kitchen sink (so if you come to my house and see a bottle of shampoo sitting by the kitchen sink.. now you know why)

5. At 28 years old I have a partial :( This is a great source of embarrassment for me it makes me feel OLD and stupid for not taking better care of my teeth growing up

6. I rarely drink anything besides Dr. Pepper (this contributed to #5 in a great way) and if I do try to be a little healthier about what I drink... it's Mtn. Dew!

7. Sometimes I completely forget to eat... there have been many days where it's after 4 in the afternoon when I discover that I've not had a bite to eat all day long

8. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I (we in this case) would own our own home :) And this is one thing in my life that I am very proud of!

9. **SHOCKER** I have been married to the same man TWICE!

10. I hate (with a passion) to blow my nose, this lead to sinus surgery about 2 years ago and to be honest even though I know how important it is that I blow it, I still find myself resisting!

11. I am addicted to The Hills on MTV! It makes me feel young to watch it and think that one of those characters could be me (LAUGH) (this drives my husband crazy)

12. I wish I had bigger boobs, but could NEVER go thru with actually having plastic surgery to have a breast enhancement no matter how much I try to justify it in my mind. So I just whine and complain about the boobs that God gave me (or the lack there of that Caleb left me with after nursing)

Ok that's all for now! How many of you have strange things about yourself you are just dieing to post? Come on... I can't be the only odd ball out there. I urge you all to do a post like this one, it's good clean fun and we can all learn a little more about all of our bloggy friends! Leave me a comment if you do a post like this so I can be sure to read all your strange facts :)

Have a great Monday!