Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fed up, frustrated, and just plain DONE

Since January 1 we have not had a single week in our house without sickness (I think it has something to do with the Obama Administration personally, but I'll save that post for another time). Started the year off right with puking, "sicking up", diarrhea, and some gawd awful stomach cramps. I mean what better way to say Happy New Year than with a mouth full of puke while sitting on the can, can I get an AMEN?? It then progressed to Pink eye (woo hoo) ear infection and now on to what we all have which can only be described as THE CRUD FROM HELL!! I have taken Caleb to the Dr. twice already and we are only one month into this new year, you can see how this would not be looking all that promising for the remainder of this year. We all sound like 50+ year smokers (and ok lets face it Danny and I should sound that way because we ARE smokers) but Caleb well he's not, nor do we smoke anywhere around him, not in the house, not in the car and not even in the same general vicinity as him when we are outside (so spare me the lecture, today is not the day).

It is safe to say that today I am at my wits end, I am done, I resign my post and relinquish my duties as mom, mommy, mother and wife. I am about to start packing my bags and will be gone before this post is posted! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, and furthermore I am tired of being the only one in this house that takes care of everyone else but never gets taken care of herself!!!! (yes I know this is coming across a one big pity party... but it's how I feel today so either humor me and keep reading or don't either way suits me just fine)

I have zero patients left which is very apparent to my three year old, who has managed to push more of my buttons this morning in the 4 hours he's been awake than in the last 3 years he's been alive! I've got nothing for energy and at this point even if I could stomach those nasty energy drinks I'm sure all it would do is laugh on the way back out, and with my luck I would be out of toilet paper to wipe with!!

The snot... oh my goodness... the snot is enough to make me wanna super glue nostrils shut in this house! Every time I turn around I see SNOT! Then there is the need to chase down the perp with the snot running down his face and hog tie him long enough to actually wipe it, which is always followed by irritating whining about how his nose hurts and I just hurt it worse. Then there is my favorite comment, one that has just recently surfaced in this house and is about to PUSH me off the ledge that is my sanity "I don't like you anymore" well you know what kid... I don't like me very much right now either, so take a number and stand in line... I WAS HERE FIRST and for once this is all about ME!!!

So here's to hoping that nap time lasts about 6 hours today in this house or else!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Rest in Peace

Today was the service for my friend Colby, it seemed fitting that on the cusp of what is quite possibly the worst ice storm to ever hit our area we said good bye today, he lived and loved and will always be remembered in the hearts of everyone who had the good fortune to meet him. May you rest in peace Colby, we will see you soon.

Colby Phillip Curran, 24, former Gentry, Arkansas resident, died January 23, 2009, at his home in Springdale, Arkansas. Born May 21, 1984 in Bentonville, Arkansas, he was the son of Larry Dean Curran and Lou Ann Phillips Curran. Colby was a graduate of Gentry High School and was a disabled jailer with the Washington County Sheriffs Department. He loved the outdoors and spending time with his girls. He was a member of the First United Methodist Church in Gentry, Arkansas.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A January to remember

Let it be said that we will not forget this ice storm for years to come. We here at casa de Lindy have been VERY fortunate not to have lost power at all, and I DO NOT say this lightly what so ever. There are more than 85,000 people here in NW Arkansas without power. According to the local new media those people are being told that it will be Saturday at the earliest before they get their power back :( There have also been 14 people so far that have died as a result of this latest FREAK storm.

Today I got out and took a few more pictures around our house and thought I would post a few just so you can all see what we've been living thru

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Let there be ICE"

And lots of it! We now have almost 2 inches of ice outside and by the grace of God we still have power (at least for now, the lights have been flickering off and on all afternoon, so I'm guessing it's only a matter of time).

So before we lose power for who knows how long I thought I would post some pictures of the weather here in good ol' NW Arkansas.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby!!

Ok so we are back from the Dr. and let me just say what a difference 30 minutes can make! We left the roads were fine, made it thru the Dr. appt and the roads went to hell in a hand basket! It was like a 15 mile an hour drive home!

Caleb has
#1 - Cold and AWFUL NASTY sounding cough

#2 - Ear infection

#3 - Pink eye!!

He is about a pitiful as they come, poor guy! Now not only is his nose running away with him, his eye is all cruddy and awful and well his demeanor isn't much better (but who can blame him).

Ice is EVERYWHERE outside and I am anxious for Danny to get home... he should be headed into the terminal as we speak so say a few extra prayers that he makes it home safe and sound.

I have stuffed peppers cooking in the oven as we speak (figured I had better make tonight's meal good since we may be on a very limited ICE diet for the next few days if we get all the ice and crap they are calling for)!!

Until next time... stay in and stay warm.. and stay WELL for crying out loud!!

No rest for the weary

I don't have to work today! So one would naturally think that a day off would be spent doing fun or possibly even lazy things right? WRONG I get to take one sick little boy to the Dr. and prepare for the impending ice storm that is supposed to hit our area tonight.

Caleb came down with a horrible cough/hopefully just cold over the weekend, which is no doubt because we were in his Dr.'s office last week due to a little scare he gave me on Thursday. Have I mentioned how much I HATE going to the Dr.'s. I swear that even if he's not sick, by the time we leave that office he is!!! Don't they know how to disinfect?????? None the less I think Caleb may also have pink eye or some kind of eye infection on top of his awful cold and since the weather is supposed to turn bad tonight and the good lord only knows when we will be able to get out of this house again I figured it is better to be safe than sorry and take him in today.

Now about the weather...... mother nature and I don't always tend to see eye to eye. She sees fit to reek havoc with things such as ice and snow and I see fit to curse her! Between tonight and Wednesday we are supposed to get upwards of and inch of freezing rain! LOVELY. That means power outage for sure, umm yeah and did I mention that our entire house is ELECTRIC! Our heat... electric.... our hot water... electric.... our stove.... electric.... YIPPY EFFIN SKIPPY! This means that we will be heating our house with our wood fire place (which is intended for looks only) we are going to be COLD! And we will also be cooking in it or on the grill... umm can you say hot dogs for everyone! On a small side note, we did however buy graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars to make Smores! Caleb and I made a few last night in the fire place and they turned out magnificent!!

I am still waiting to find out when the funeral for my friend that passed away suddenly is... hoping that they will wait till the weather has cleared so that I don't have to try to drive over there in the ice. Thank all of you for the well wishes and the prayers. I will post again and let you know how things go at the Dr. today.... you know when we hopefully still have power :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Too young

A few weeks ago I got an unexpected message on my Myspace page from a very dear friend that I had lost touch with a few years back. He was actually the little brother of a guy that I once dated, and I was giddy with excitement that we were back in touch. I called my mom (uhh hello cause she's my bestfriend) and told her all about the goings on in his life and what all had happened in the time that we haven't known each other. She had never met him, but knew of his family and knew that I held the utmost respect for them and the way that they had treated me in the somewhat short time that I was "part of their family".

This friend had a very bad wreck a few years back, he had been on a motorcycle that he and his brother had built and a woman on her cell phone quite literally ran over him. He died that day and was brought back to life by the measures of the EMT's and the Dr.'s. He had endured 9 of the most awful rehabilitation surgeries since this time but was back on the mend and getting back to life. He had married and divorced his wife and they have 2 of the most beautiful little girls you've ever laid eyes on ages 3 and 4, and this was his inspiration to keep going in life.

I got a phone call tonight from my sister in law as Danny, Caleb and I sat down to eat dinner at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants telling me that James (my brother, who is a police officer) had been called out to a 911 call last night and that my friend Colby, age 24, had died of a massive heart attack apparently with his girls by his side.

The only thing I can think is that we were planning a play date for our kids to go to Jump Zone, that those two beautiful little girls are going to grow up without the love and humor and wit of their father and that they will have to walk down the isle one day and not have him by their side where he should be, that his parents hearts must be in a million and one pieces right now, that his brothers must be completely devastated, that I can't stop the tears from running down my face and I am afraid that my sobs will wake Caleb or Danny for that matter, that I feel like I am overreacting to this because the two of us had drifted apart and hadn't really known each other in a long time, that time for his family will forever be measured since his death and not in days till his next birthday, that I hate the fact that I know this hurt and yet cannot imagine how devastating this is for his family (because like me they are all about FAMILY), that things in life happen for no reason what so ever, and most of all that I feel such a loss in the pit of my stomach I can't make myself stop thinking about him and replaying all of the times we were together and all of the memories that he is in.

I don't know what else to say

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drum roll please

Last night just before getting Caleb into the bath our home phone rang, there are only two reasons this phone rings #1 - telemarketer (ohhh damn you people, I have a passion for HATING telemarketers) or #2- (the only reason we even have a home phone) my cousin is calling from prison. Sure enough the calls starts out like all of his calls do with a recording stating "this call is from an Arkansas correctional facility,it may be recorded or monitored, you have a collect call from...."

Now let me just say that I am a FAMILY girl to the "t"! I will bend over backwards to help family, love family, listen to family or just be a family (well at least for my family that is, my husbands side of the family, not so much HA) None the less this cousin and I have always been close, we grew up together, went to school together,and got into all kinds of hell becoming the adults we are today. Obviously his hell and my hell were a little different. Case in point, he is in prison, I am not!

You see this cousin of mine had a thing for fires, he is your classic pyromaniac. We all knew, thanks to several incidents from his past, that one day this would land him in some very hot water. He's had run ins in the past with the law and always found a way to get out of it (I'm sure his parents spent some mucho $$ to help him and are wishing their hind sight would have been foresight right about now). None the less in '05 his luck ran out, he was charged and convicted of two counts of arson and sent to prison. I was crushed, heart broken, pissed off, sick with worry, and lost at the thought of this skinny kid being in a place with such hardened criminals, I mean after all he is family. I didn't dispute the fact that he needed to be there, he made his bed so he should have to lay in it, right? But for months I was sick to death at the thought of him living in a prison.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago (then you get to skip all of the bad stuff like the fact that he has a little girl whom he hasn't seen in 4 years, his then wife has now divorced him, the fact that his parents turned their back on their own son, the fact that prison helped him kick his drug addiction you know all of the stuff that NO ONE in their right mind wants to ever have to live thru) so where was I... oh yes two weeks ago thanks to time for good behavior his sentence that was supposed to take him thru 2012 had been knocked back Dec. 2009 so he would hopefully be out by Christmas of this year :) Apparently here in Arkansas (maybe all over the US I'm not sure) there is a thing called a One Year EPA (or something like that) where if you have less than a year left to serve coming into the new year the parole board can make the request for you to be released, due to the overcrowding of the prison system in general and as of last night when he called guess who was one of only 8 people in the state to be released :) He should be home by Valentines Day and I could not be more excited for him.

After getting off the phone with him last night my mind stared to wonder though, how do you ever go about returning to the real world? Seriously, I mean how do you walk thru those gates and start your life over again as a free man? Like for instance, he has no drivers license, no job, no house, no relationship with his only child, no money and nothing to call his own. How do you get used to the fact that no one is there to tell you when to eat, what to eat, where to eat, when to shower, when to get up, go to bed, when that's all you have known for so long?

I am sure life as he knew it before will always be nothing but a memory, and this new life he is about to begin will take a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears to put together but you can bet you sweet asses that I will be there to help him in any way I can, because we are family and blood is thicker than anything else in this world!

Monday, January 19, 2009

How you know

Your child watches too much TV............

He asks to go to Chucky Cheeses "dot com"

Insists that momma "needs" a snuggie

Cannot live without "Bend-a-roo's"

Gets so excited he can't stand himself over those "Sham Wow" commercials

And last but not least, asks to go to Red Robin's "YUM" (sings it just like the commercial)

I think it's time to turn the TV off!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kiss it goodbye

Sleeping in is a thing of the past, a love that I've lost, a hole in my heart, and something that I miss more than I can even begin to chronicle (but I'll try anyway cause I love you guys, and would hate to leave you with nothing to read).

Pre kid (yes just one) I L*O*V*E*D to sleep, could do it all day long, any given day. You see some people are crafty, some are smart, some like to be outside all day ever day and then theres me and my talent....... SLEEPING!

While searching for "my thing" I tried various hobbies, hate to exclude something without having first tried it right!! In school there was band! Ha that was a riot! Band was sooo not for me, but let me just tell you I could fake playing the flute with the best of them.

Next came cheerleading (shut up) didn't make the cut, screw you, it was all to cliquey anyway, oh yeah and all those girls were just BITCHES!!

Then came drugs... hardcore, make your parents lay awake nights worrying if their daughter would ever kick the habit (I know your thinking OMG what was it heroin, speed, meth, coke.... nahhh see I come from small town America and in small town America a drug addiction can best be described as "smoking the pot") gave it up cause I am already paranoid enough, add a little weed and good lord you can't stand to be in the same room with me (that is unless you have a video camera and someone staged outside the door to knock and demand to be let in using their best "fake cop voice" making me crap all over myself, my friends were bastards seriously)

I tried like hell to make work "my thing" but when you really don't know what you want to do with your life, that's a tough one

It was really only AFTER giving birth and NEVER sleeping again when I realized that I had had my gift all along!

Seriously, people ask when we will have another one, cause God knows you can't have just one, what kind of people only have one child??? And I won't say that the thought has never crossed my mind, and just about the time that the fleeting thought of another child passes thru whats left of the brain cells in my head that "the pot" didn't destroy I remember how much the first few months of having a child SUCKED for me, and how consequently I've not slept in since!!

All I can say is, when this kid is big enough to wipe his own butt, make his own food, and find his own cartoons on tv.... this momma is planning a nice long hibernation. No phones on, no interruptions cause so help me the person who interrupts me shall be missing appendages, draw the curtains, turn on all 3 fans and sleep like it's going outta style!

One of these days I will revisit a few of the things on this list of "my things" because there are some hilarious stories to be told!! Until then.... uggg can I at least get a nap????

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Parts Guy

This is how you DON'T make friends with the "cute new Fed-Ex Girl" listen, learn and remember!!

A few weeks back Danny called and said he had a story that would cheer me up (my memory isn't so great now, as to why I was in a bad mood but I'm just guessing it had something to do with my husbands damn snoring) none the less, he said that he had delivered to one of the car lots that I have a daily pick up at, he said while talking to the parts guy about being closed for New Years Day (yeah it's been a while since this happened... so what) this was how the conversation went

Danny: "I'm not sure if the girl who picks up here told you or not, but we will not be running on New Years day but will be the day after"

Parts Guy: "oh, you mean that girl with the short dark hair, tiny little thing, mid 30's she's cute as shit"

Danny: laugh ... no comment

So he calls me to tell me the story and of course couldn't leave out the "mid 30's remark"! So I said "you know if you wanted this to make me feel better, or put me in a better mood you could have left out the mid 30's comment, for crying out loud I'm not even 30 yet" to which Danny replied " Krissi leaving that detail out would be like leaving out the fact that Tiny Tim was a cripple.... you just wouldn't get the same feeling from the story"

Anyhow... the reason that I am telling you about this now is because for the first time since all of this took place I FINALLY had a pick up there on Tuesday (and believe me.. I've been waiting to get back over there, not because the guy is cute... uhhh cause he's SOOO not, but because I planned to totally call him out on the mid 30's thing and see what he had to say for himself) oh and did I mention that a lot of the people on our route don't know that Danny and I are married (we just didn't think it would be "professional" to tell people and man has it made for some damn funny stories).

PG: (has two Ground packages going out, one Express) "oh man I missed our Express guy, don't guess you can take that one for me"

Me: "well I could, but I won't.... you thought I was mid 30's REALLY.... I'm not even 30"

PG: (face ohhhh so red now) "well I just thought you were around my age I didn't mean to insult you" (add horrified look into the mix now) "I can't believe that other Fed-Ex guy would throw me under the bus like that.... what else did he tell you about that conversation"

Me: (huge smile, reveling in his remembrance of the rest of the conversation enjoying every sec. of watching him squirm) "nothing (with devious smile)"

PG: "your holding back something... "

Me: (grabbing all 3 boxes heading for the door) "have a great day"

PG: (now almost sprinting behind me towards the door, starting to spout something but is interrupted by me)

Me: "oh and by the way, not to make you feel bad.... that other Fed-Ex guy you were talking to is my husband" (insert HUGE smile here, laughing out loud even)

PG: (looking mortified) "oh shit... your not serious... oh shit.... oh shit you are serious... that's your husband"

Me: "have a great day sir" as I pull away in my truck laughing my ass off while dialing my husband on his cell!!!

Moral to this story.... I'M NOT EVEN IN MY 30's YET... DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Show some love

Here I sit at 1:15am not sleeping because I've got too much on my mind so what better to do than to blog right? I know I'll hate myself in the morning for not taking that Tylenol PM but for now I'm wired up and ready to go.

I've been laying in bed since about 11ish thinking of things I can blog about but my head and my heart keep leading me back to one thing. We can all read the funny blogs and laugh and comment about them and it comes easy, but what do you do when you come across one that just breaks your heart? One that you cry tears of sadness and utter things like "how much can one person handle" the ones that really make you thankful for even the smallest things in your own life, and make you sorry you whine about things as petty as a stomach bug?

A few months back my mom (who now reads blogs like a crack addict thanks to her dear ol' daughter... yeah your welcome mom, I know your reading this right now) mentioned to me a blog that she had come across called 'My Life as a CFers Wife' I really didn't think much of it at the time, who knows I was probably being ordered to change the channel, make something to eat, get something to drink or wipe something that was running by the 3 year old that really wears the pants in this house. So a few days pass and the more she tells me about this blog the more my heart wrenches for this family. It wasn't until today (well actually yesterday since I am writing this after midnight) that I found this blog myself and let me tell you there are no words to express the emotions I have felt for this family.

So back to the reason I am writing this, Kori is a 28 year old mother of two boys, who's husband Richard is battling not only Cystic Fibrosis but was just diagnosed with Stage 4 recurrent Colon Cancer and as if that is not enough, she just found lumps in her breasts and is "waiting" to hear back from her mammogram to see if they are cancerous.

Now I am not sure about the rest of you, but I cannot even begin to imagine picking one of the things that she deals with on a daily basis and having that burden to carry day in and day out. So I began to think about the support and the love that I would want to be shown if it were me in her shoes, if it were my family that was suffering all of these burdens and well to be honest I simply cannot express the range of emotions I have felt tonight for this family. So I am calling on all of my blog friends, and any lurkers/stalkers that may be out there please visit her page and give her some supporting, loving, nurturing words or encouragement. I am not really all that blog smart yet and cannot for the life of me figure out how to actually place a link to her blog on this post so if you will just look over to the right side of the page in my blog roll and click on 'My life as a CFers Wife' (side note before you go... someone please leave me a comment and tell me how to link to a page in a post! For crying out loud it really can't be that hard... I think I am just well... dense or something)

So go.... go now.... wish her well, think of her family, pray for her family, just leave this girl some comments and show her some love! She's one strong woman is all I can say, I would have folded under all that she has been put thru!

And Kori if you are reading this, I hope this post meets your approval.. if not (since I didn't even bother to run this idea past you before jumping in head first) please let me know and I will remove it at once. Our family will be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers I promise!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Shall I lie ?? Yes I shall !!

Last night while mommy and daddy were both out of the room Caleb decided to do one of the things he loves most in the world, yet knows will get him into the most trouble... he ran to the bathroom, got his foot stool, dragged it into the kitchen, lined it perfectly up with where momma keeps her purse, and then snatched my purse from the kitchen counter.

He proceeded to run like mad into the living room put it on the couch and dump out every imaginable treasure that it held. It was about this time that daddy happened to wander back into the living room to find Caleb with is newly claimed bounty. So what does daddy do? Clean up the mess? No! Get on to Caleb for being into mommy's purse? No! Daddy comes to get mommy and tells me "Caleb has something he needs to talk to you about" So in the living room I come, to find my 3 year old son holding whats left of a tampon that was once where it should have been... you know in my purse!

"Momma, what is THIS?"

"It's a tampon son"

"What's it for?"

(uncomfortable pause while trying to come up with the best, most believable lie)

"do girls use it for their hair momma?"

"Yup, that's right son, us girls use them for their hair, how did you get so smart"

I have a bad feeling that one day my kiddo is going to be very traumatized when he realizes that tampons do not in fact go into a girls hair!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do not try this at home

I have lost 4 lbs, Danny has lost over 5 now and Caleb well there is just no telling how much he has lost but I am starting to consider putting the swivel bar back on his car seat cause I know he's not nearly as close to 40 lbs as he was just a week ago when I ripped that damn thing off there.... and to what do we have to thank for this sudden and extreme weight loss????? Rota Virus. So when I looked up the symptoms and definition of Rota Virus sure it mentions the diarrhea, the vomiting and the fever but no where did I find the one fact that every parent/patient should know THIS VIRUS IS STRAIGHT FROM THE PITS OF HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caleb is now on his 5th day and just when we thought he was outta the woods, he has be contemplating "sicking up" all day, not eating and not wanting anything to drink.

Danny and I both simultaneously came down with it yesterday morning and have been dieing minute by minute every since!

All I can say is the Lindy family is DONE with this damn bug, it can pack it's bags and haul ass somewhere else, you know like back to the pits of hell from which it came!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My career of choice

Growing up I always thought that if there were ever the perfect job for me, being a stay at home mom was it. I will admit there was some "false advertising" involved in this decision.

You see, I was blessed to have grown up in a home with both parents and only one other sibling. My dad always worked and my mom always stayed home with us kids, even after we started school she still stayed at home. As kids when we'd get home from school we always had a snack and ALWAYS had dinner on the table at or right around 5:00 (almost always before 5:30) after dinner it was time for homework, baths, some TV and then off to bed. My mom always handeled her days with grace and made it seem as though it took no effort to pull off a home cooked meal every night (and when I say home cooked, I'm not talking about taking something out of a box... she is a great cook), to help us with our homework every day,to make sure the house was cleaned, the laundry was always done, to make sure things were going right at school and last but not least to tuck us into bed and make sure we were good for the next day.

I always took this for granted ALWAYS and will honestly tell you that there were times where I thought being a stay at home mom was lazy (sorry mom, really I am). I mean she made it look so easy, so what else was I supposed to think??

6 weeks after having Caleb I had to go back to work, I was not ready nor did I see how my new 6 week old baby could possibly be ready to be taken from his momma all day long and put into the hands of anyone else on this earth! I will admit that I put him into the hands of the most loving, most caring, most trustworthy individual out of any of my friends and that made me feel a little safer with my decision. After all, when I had him there was NO WAY Danny and I could have afforded for me to not have a job, so I was resigned to my daily life at a 8 to 5 job where I dreamed of being that "lazy stay at home mom" daily.

So fastforward to June of this past year when I finally decided to bite the bullet and quit work, Danny and I had sat down and nickel and dimed our budget (ha those of you who really know me, know that WE don't budget, but I am seriously thinking of starting to these days) and decided that if we were careful there was no reason that I couldn't stay at home and be a much larger part of Caleb's growing up and quit paying someone else to do it for us.

Yeah, so this is the part where I tell you ALL of you other stay at home mom's who have 1 or 13 children how VERY WRONG and how very skewed my perception of a stay at home mom was! I have eaten more of my words, more of my thoughts and more of my misconceived notions in the past 6 months or so than I care to even begin admit.

I mean come on, did you know that this gig is an ALL DAY event? Did you know that you don't get PAID... as in NO PAYCHECK on Friday? Did you know that even though it is required by OSHA we don't get a lunch break, or two 15 minute breaks a day? Did you know that there is all kinds of harassment involved? Did you know that there always seems to be a butt to wipe, a nose to blow or a boo boo to kiss.. day in and day out?

I'm not quite sure how my mom managed to pull it all off with the two children that God handed her and make it look so easy and so nonchaleant like it came as some sick 2nd nature to her but she did... and all I can say is thanks mom for doing all that you do and for raising us two to be the adults we are today! I can safely say you did NOT have an easy, lazy job! And on a side note, I'm sorry I ever thought that for a minute!

Being a stay at home mom is a very rewarding job, and I am more than happy to be the one to help my child grow and learn while he is still small and still wants his momma to be a part of his life,,,,, but there are days where I question my own sanity!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's just get one thing straight

This is MY blog! If I offend you, by all means don't read it. If YOU (or anyone you know) reads it and takes something and blows it so far out of proportion to the point that it offends you, then by all means don't visit this blog again you will not hurt my feelings. However DO.NOT. expect me to apologize for my thoughts, my opinions or my rantings! It WILL NOT HAPPEN!! Got it?? GOOD!!

Fighting off sickness and the new sitter

Oh what a day it has been around our house. I woke this morning to find a text message from Caleb's sitter saying that she had her two smallest children in the ER until 4am with IV's and the works all care of the awful rota virus that has been circulating here in good 'ol NW Arkansas, and that she would be closed for the day. I called Danny to let him know that his favorite and best employee would not be making it to work today! Wooo Hoo a day off, or so I thought!

Caleb was ok this morning, every now and again he would mention his tummy but then go about playing like all was well so I thought nothing of it.

We went and interviewed a new sitter for Caleb (which has NOTHING to do with his sitter being closed for the day today, and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that his sitter wants to start charging us $120 a week when Caleb is only there for 20 hrs or less a week). All I can say is that I am 100% sure that we are really going to like her a LOT! And she is less than half of what I am paying now. She is licensed (which current sitter is not) has two employees that work for her and are CPR certified, and one of Caleb's friends goes there so he's already got a play-mate! He will start going to the new sitter on the 19th of January (also Danny's birthday) so we shall see how it goes... I'll be sure to keep you guys up to date!

After going to meet the new sitter and question the fire out of her (man I must really be an over-protective mom, I have LOADS and LOADS of questions when it comes to taking care of my child even if it is only for 4 hrs a day) we came home and both went down for a nap... after about an hour nap, I have what I am sure is one sick little boy :( He has not peeled himself off the couch for more than to go to the potty to try to "sick up" and keeps telling me that he "doesn't feel good AT.ALL".

I am bracing myself for all of the fun vomiting and direaha to follow and for a long night (but praying that he will be miraculously healed without the need for ever once "sicking up").

Will keep you up to date on all the fun happenings here at the Lindy household!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Guess who???

Guess who's the luckiest girl in the world today?

Guess who might be feeling just a tad bit sarcastic?

Guess who just talked to her husband and was told that she gets to take the 2nd attempt today at delivering that package to "shit in your pants dogs house"?

Guess who's hoping like hell that her new furry friend remembers her?

Guess who's husband won't be "delivering his package" to his wife ANY.TIME.SOON!?!

Friday, January 2, 2009

God's sense of humor

So today, while feeling like crap (insert sympathetic ohhhh poooor baby here) I went to work and busted my butt (ok maybe not busted my butt, but still worked pretty hard). For some reason or another I had 3 deliveries to make on top of all of my daily pick ups (see this is the part where I tell my husband that I DO NOT DO DELIVERIES, I do pick ups... this way I ALWAYS know where I'm going and I don't drive aimlessly around looking for houses that I SWEAR are on the map but no where in sight) none the less all 3 of these deliveries were in the big fat middle of NO WHERE!

It was at one of these deliveries that I realized that God himself has one heck of a sense of humor.

I pulled up to this amazingly beautiful mansion of a house, taking note of the fact that no one was home (no cars parked outside), scan the package to be delivered when up on my scanner pops this message saying that it has to be signed for only by the person to whom it is addressed "well crap" I think (usually if it is a home delivery we can just scan it, driver release it and leave it on the porch for the happy people to find when they get home) so I go up to this HUGE house ring the door bell and wait for no one to answer the door.

Its as I am standing at the front door like an idiot, waiting for no one to answer that I hear dogs barking and the longer I listen I realize that they all sound like small barks coming from the garage of this house "shuuuu" (me wiping the sweat off my forehead) then I realize that there is one very distinct, very large sounding bark that I keep hearing and for some reason this one doesn't sound so "in the garage" to me.

(mind you I am very far away from my truck at this point, and while peeing in my pants still standing at the front door of this house, this dogs house, where I shouldn't even be in the first place the thoughts of these nice people who live there pulling into their drive way finding my dismembered body in the jaws of their dog at their front door, with a package they still haven't signed for... just isn't sitting really well with me)

think Krissi... think fast... "Dear God, please don't let it be some big ol German Shepard dog, Please God anything but a big ol German Shepard" my quick prayer went up (mind you I still had not seen this dog as it was around the corner of the garage from me) ever so slowly I begin to gage the distance between the front door of this house and the FAR side of my truck (as any good Fed-Ex driver would do, the passenger side door is locked!!!!! DAMN) and even more slowly I begin to take teeny tiny steps toward the edge of the porch to see what and where this dog was, the whole time hoping to see some maimed, 3 legged, old ass decrepit dog......

As soon as I saw him (or her not really sure which it was) I knew God has one HUGE not so "funny ha ha" sense of humor!


I think I shit myself right then and there!

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. people with the really nice house,

Sorry to shit on your porch, but in all fairness your Rottweiler (who turned out to be VERY nice, but still looked the part of a psychotic killer) was the cause for the mass exodus of what ever was in my digestive tract at the time. I did leave the door knocker on your front door and no, I don't think your package got any poo on it, I promise to inspect it before we make a 2nd attempt at delivery.

Signed, The Fed-Ex Girl who had to change her pants"

I cannot think of a time when I have ever been so scared in all my life. Turns out that the higher my voice got whilst talking to the "cute, handsome, oh my goodness your such a good dog" big ass Rottweiler the more the nub of a tail began to wag and the closer it got for me to pet it. By the end we were best buddies... and I am sure as hell hoping that it remembers me should I happen to be the one to attempt a 2nd delivery of this package!!

There has to be a better way

Two out of the three of us here at Casa de Lindy are sicker than sh*t!! There has to be a better way to start out the New Year. Caleb and I are the two sick ones out of the bunch, and the only one who remains un-sick has little or NO sympathy for us... it pretty much blows (and I don't just mean noses).

If I had a "normal" job I would SOOOO be calling in sick today, however since my boss of a husband is a slave driver... I will be going to work EARLY today! The nerve!