Monday, March 30, 2009

Inquiring Minds want to know...

So a few posts back I asked for you guys to give me some questions, I seem to be in a blogger slump with no new creative post ideas and that seemed like the best way to come up with a good post... so without further ado here are the questions and answers in no certain order

*What was your reaction when you found out you were pregnant (submitted by Jen)*
I still have the pregnancy test (which when you think about it is kinda gross, I mean after all it's almost 4 year old urine on a stick) none the less I was beyond elated... we tried for years on end to get pregnant by EVERY means possible and wham bam thank you mam... finally I got what I had prayed, waited, wanted and wished for all at once.

*Why did you name your son Caleb (submitted by Jonnie)*
To be honest Danny and I had always had a girls name picked out, not sure why we never thought of a boys name! When I went for my umpteenth ultra sound and found out that "it" was going to be a boy and not a girl I bought every baby name book imaginable and we seriously sat down and went thru about 44,000 names. The ONLY name we could agree on was Caleb... and here we are almost 4 years later with our sweet little Caleb William (William was my grandfathers name and my due date (which I didn't come close to) was exactly 3 years to the day that my grandfather passed away, so William was decided for us and a great way to honor my grandfathers memory)

*What is your favorite thing to do with Caleb (submitted by AJ)*
By far our favorite thing to do together is to go to Jump Zone! If you have never been to this place or one like it I highly recommend it... we always have SOOOOO much fun and leave there completely exhausted and ready for a nap (my second favorite thing to do sleep...)

*Do you think you will cry when Caleb goes to school (submitted by Jonnie, this is the last Caleb question I promise)*
Honestly I don't know, I remember crying the first day I had to take him to daycare when I went back to work after my maternity leave but back then he was so new and so little and things were so new to me! I'd like to say that if I do cry it will be happy tears, that he is starting a new phase in his life one where he will make many friends and learn so much about himself... and that I won't be sad that he is growing up too fast but honestly I just don't know!

*What is your favorite color and why (Jen again)*
YELLOW is my favorite color! Believe it or not! I love that it's so bright and so warm, it makes me think of spring and summer and all of the great outdoors!

*Do you have any pets (Jonnie)*
We have one really fat, really spoiled, really neglected cat! Her name is Kitty (yes I know how original) and she and Caleb have a love/hate relationship... sometimes she loves him and sometimes she hates him, I mean after all he moved into her house and took over and now he gets all of her attention!

*What is the last book you read (AJ)*
The 10th Circle by Jodi Picoult... I've read all but one of her books and loved each and every one of them. Funny thing is I always thought I hated to read, you know like in school one time I talked Danny into reading me a book for a book report just so I didn't have to read it myself! Turns out I just hated being told what I had to read..... now there is nothing better than a nice hot bath and a good book to wrap up a long day!

*If you could eat anything for a week straight what would it be (Jen)*
Hands down, didn't even have to think about this question.... if I had to eat just one thing for a week it would be my mothers chicken fried steak (and all the fixin's of course which include mashed potatoes, gravy and sweet green peas... ahhh man now I'm hungry)

*Where did you and Danny have your first date (AJ)*
Leave it to you AJ to make me feel bad that I can't remember for the life of me where we had our first date, but in my own defense our first date was more than 15 years ago (uggg now look what you've done... you've managed to make me feel old too, dad-gum-it!!!)

*What is your favorite memory from your childhood (Jonnie)*
This one I've had to do some thinking on... I would have to say that any and all of my favorite memories from my childhood all include family! We were always big on family get togethers and seeing as how my mom was one of 8 children we always had LARGE family get togethers. I will say that some of the happiest memories from my childhood are from the summers my brother and I would spend in Colorado with my grandparents at their cabin! That place holds sooo many special memories for all of our family.

*What is your favorite kind of chip (AJ)*
Sour Cream and Onion even though they give a girl some rank breath! I love me some sour cream and onion chips (as a side note, I seem to have passed this love on to Caleb).

*Why is your word verification on (Jen)*
To be honest I have no idea how to turn it off... (a little secret here, I'm really ignorant when it comes to all this blogging stuff... I didn't even know it was on.... and to take it a step further I wasn't sure exactly what you were talking about so I googled it... LOL I know... I'm an idiot).

*What is the furthest you have traveled (AJ)*
Canada sadly holds this honor.... and let me just tell you DO.NOT.GO.TO.CANADA. or at least if you should happen to get the itch to go to Canada do not go to Montreal (or any of the French speaking parts of Canada, they are all just a bunch of assholes who HATE people that speak English and will give you the WRONG directions just to get you lost TRUE STORY)still a bit bitter about that whole trip, you know cause we were lost for 4 hours in crack freakin central!!!

*Are your toenails painted, if so what color (AJ)*
This one is gonna really trip you out... once upon a time I tried to be a "girly" girl, I would actually paint my fingernails (back before I started biting them all off down to the bloody nubs) and change the colors to try to coordinate with my outfits... damn I was good! Then well I'm not quite sure if laziness is the right excuse but lets just say I fell out of love with being a "girly" girl and decided that who the heck cares what color my toes are, so to make a long story short I have a few flecks of bright red fingernail polish left on my big toe toenails that I've just been too lazy to take off for about the last 6 months or so (gross I know... it's really disgusting and I think all of the time, "I really need to just sit down and get some polish remover and take the rest of this crap off" but never end up doing it)

And last but not least

*If you could have any kind of party, what would it be (Jen)*
I love formal wear, I honestly think there is nothing better than having your hair done and make up on and putting on a dress that makes you feel B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*L! Now having said that I cannot tell you the last time I had any reason to wear a formal dress (I'm assuming that it was prom my Sr. year in high school) but Danny and I always talk about going on a cruise and I dream of finding the perfect formal to take with us often! So if I could have any kind of party I wanted it would be a very formal perhaps black tie party where everyone came in their most beautiful dresses and all the men were in Tux's or at least suits and ties!! Ahhh

Well that's it folks... and now it's time for this formal wear dreaming girl to go dawn her most beautiful Fed-Ex uniform and get ready to sweat! And you wonder why I lost that "girly girl" feeling!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Camping Momma Style

(note the tv remote right inside the tent... small hint that we were in the living room of our house.... what can I say, I'm not much for camping in the great outdoors!!!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ok, so not so long ago I saw a blog (which for the life of me I can't remember who's it was) that was all about answering the blog readers questions.... I thought that looked like fun, and since I am back up to 14 readers (can you believe I lost one for a few days..... still haven't figured out who it was either) none the less, I thought I would open it up today and ask for questions.

Either this post will be VERY disappointing, or it has the possibility to be VERY fun. So ask away, ask anything and everything you can think of and I will do my level best to answer each and every question. You can leave your question as a comment on this post or you can email me

So think, think long and hard about some good questions and ask away :)

(can you tell I'm having a hard time coming up with new blogging material.... I'm in a funk, please stick with me I promise I'll be over it soon)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bon Voyage


So today I thought I would make it all about the reasons Arkansas is better than Nebraska... so when your ready... read away!

1. Arkansas is home (umm however after a lengthy stay in Nebraska I have no doubt that it will start to feel like home to you, try to resist this "feeling" cause it's all lies, remember ARKANSAS is home!

2. What the hell is a "Cornhusker" anyway? That sounds like some awful slave labor job to me... not really sure that's the college team I'd wanna route for, but I'm just saying.

3. Ummm like ALL of your friends, yeah we all live in Arkansas

4. Where else can you have all 4 seasons in ONE FREAKIN WEEK? You know, Arkansas is cool like that.

5. I'm not sure what the state bird of Nebraska is, but here I'm pretty sure it's the middle finger and that just makes Arkansas THE place for a girl like yourself to live... don't ya think?

6. Arkansas starts with an "A" and seeing as "A" is the first letter of your first name (and both of the boy's names and her name too) plus it's the very first letter in the alphabet its just one more reason Arkansas is way cooler than Nebraska.

7. One most awesome claim to fame for this great state... Matt Jones... ok so that needs to be scratched off my "great things about Arkansas list" damn you Matt Jones!

8. I'm just willing to bet that Nebraska doesn't have the coolest Fed-Ex girl EVER living there! Just saying

9. Ohhh here's a good one... damn nope, just another failure....

10. Arkansas has mountains, Nebraska is just flat and boring (I think, seeing as how I've never actually been to Nebraska I'm just guessing here, really more like grasping for straws so sue me... I don't want you to goooooooooooo!!!!)

All kidding aside I hope that Nebraska treats you better than Arkansas ever did, I hope that your new home is wonderful and warm and makes you say "home at last" when you walk thru the door. I know you and the boys will be so happy to have that sexy beast living under the same roof with you all again, just umm, well, don't forget the little people back here in Arkansas.

Ok now it's your turn, all of you go on over to her page and tell her how much your gonna miss her living in good ol NWA!
Have a safe and quick trip! Love ya girl!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Sorry for my recent lack of posting... no real excuse other than just laziness to blame but what ever... it's my blog right! And the good thing is that I know there aren't too many who have been let down seeing as how after almost a year of blogging I only have 14 followers! Really 14... and here I thought I was F.U.N.N.Y! (Turns out my parents must have been lying to me all these years).

None the less where to begin...

Our trip to the ER... yes that seems like where I left off. Caleb's sitter never calls me, NEVER! So when I was at work Friday before last and my phone rang at 4:00 (right smack dab in the middle of my pick ups mind you) I knew something was wrong, upon actually answering my phone I proved my mothers intuition right. Kim was trying to tell me that something had happened but all I could hear was Caleb's hysterical cries in the background. I did manage to get that he had fallen on his head and may need stitches, something about a lot of blood, and she'd rather I come get him and make the call about the ER. I told her I'd be right there (I was less than a mile away) hung up the phone and called Danny, only to realize that I would have to take my work truck back to the terminal and then go get Caleb because HELLO I'm at work in my truck with NO car seat for Caleb.

After driving about 20 miles round trip I finally got there to pick Caleb up, the good news was that he'd calmed down, the bad news, he was still bleeding and it looked like he would indeed need some stitches in his poor little head.

About 3 hours later we left the ER with one sweet little boy, who'd finally stopped bleeding thank goodness and instead of stitches they opted for super gluing his forehead with Durabond :)

I asked Caleb several times thru the course of the evening what had happened and finally on the way home, after stopping for ice cream (what else could make a little boy feel all better) he told me that some kids were telling him to climb up the slide instead of go down it the right way and he got almost to the top and fell over the side head first onto the rocks! So I think to myself "great if he can't resist peer pressure now, he'll make a fine alcoholic, druggie or worse some day"! So we had the talk about how sometimes bigger kids will tell smaller kids to do things that aren't always safe and that if he thinks it's wrong, it probably is and NOT TO DO IT!

None the less he's all better now you can hardly see where the cut was :)

Ok well don't want to overload you so that's it for today... I need to get ready for work and have other things to do around this house before I can walk out that door, hope you all have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our weekend away

Sorry this post took me so long to get to, and sorry it will be somewhat short... to be honest I just don't have it in me to post this week! Not sure what my deal is!

None the less our trip to Hot Springs to Oaklawn to watch the horses run was great! The new naughty nighty was a HUGE hit... ha ha get it ... HUGE! LMAO

We didn't win tons of money... in fact we didn't win hardly any money but that was not the point of our trip, so I'm good with that! We ate some awesome food, seriously folks I had a Ruben the size of my head and it was AMAZING!!! Too much awesome food ='s Krissi's work pants Not so much fitting too well this week!

All's well that ends well and this trip was exactly what we needed... just to get away for a while!

My next post will be all about our first trip to the ER with Caleb last Friday before our trip on Saturday! Good Times! Good Times!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Finally Friday

Thank God it's finally Friday, and do you know what that means???? That means tomorrow is Saturday, and by about 12 or so I am going to be planting my rear in a box seat at Oaklawn racing track! That's right baby, it's time to watch the horses run, drink a few alcoholic beverages, smoke way to many cigarettes, talk to friends (and probably some strangers, due in part to the alcoholic drinks)eat some of the best corn beef sandwiches and Ruben's in the world, say words like trifecta, exacta and win, place and show, and all of this while CHILDLESS!! It cannot get here soon enough!

Major thanks going out to my parents for willingly, at the last minute keeping our heathen, I mean son! He was supposed to be staying with my brother and sister in law, but then my niece came down with the flu... so that idea went in the toilet!

I will be sure to post, and hopefully have some pictures as well come Monday!!

Enjoy your weekend... and it's ok to be jealous... I'd be jealous if I were you!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday (aka Tinkerbell ass kickin)

Now before you get all "up in arms" on me let me say that I have nothing against Tinkerbell, the little Disney fairy, she's cool as shit and Caleb tells me that I am pretty like her so I'm totally down with her!

However, Tinkerbell, the black weiner dog, that I had the most unfortunate pleasure of meeting yesterday, TOP.OF.MY.SHIT.LIST!

My day at work started off bad, and just continually got WORSE yesterday. It was one of those days where you actually stop and think "can all of this shit REALLY be happening to me, in ONE DAMN day?"

Danny called yesterday morning and told me that he put about 5 deliveries on my truck, they were all "runners" (places way, way out of the way of his normal route) (this is the part where I assume that I do NOT need to tell you again that I don't do deliveries... I was hired strictly for pick ups)

So none the less I drive off into oblivion (have I mentioned I really am NO GOOD with maps) looking for 5 houses in the middle of Tim-Buc-too, miss the first two houses REPEATEDLY (as in drove by both of them OVER and OVER and OVER again) which would not have happened if some backassward hicks would put FREAKIN numbers on either their house, or their mail box (seriously there are two places to put them, I would prefer that you put them on both, but if you don't feel so inclined to put them on both your house and your mail box, for the love of all that is good put them on one or the other.... or quit ordering shit to be delivered Mmmmkay)

So that started me off with a bang, my good mood had quickly faded into "I'm going to cut my husband" so needless to say I was thrilled when I came upon my last delivery (an hour and a half later... seriously it should not take an hour and a half to deliver 5 stops...) I got the two boxes outta my truck hiked my pissy ass up their long NARROW driveway(because my truck would not fit up it) and that's where I met Tinkerbell. She barked and yipped a little on my way to the front door but no Kujo yet so I was good (if you believe that your an IDIOT). Left both packages on the porch, rang the doorbell, took off for the truck..... this is the part where, if you are even the slightest bit "sensitive to animal rights" you might wanna just go ahead and click that little red "x" at the top right hand corner of your page.

The guy who (I will assume) lived at the house comes to the door to retrieve his packages and all of a sudden, annoying little Tinkerbell decides to turn into "bitch, here's where the rubber meets the road and I tear your effin leg off" Tinkerbell!

I kid you not, this damn dog takes in after my ass, starts biting my boot and working her way up my leg the whole time Captain Dumbass that lives there is standing in his doorway watching yelling "Tinkerbell no, bad dog"! Now this guy was fully dressed minus his shoes and you think when he saw his bitch of a dog start to attack the Fed-Ex girl he'd get his lazy ass in gear and come outside to pry her off of me... but no, Captain Dumbass doesn't move a muscle.

(Here's where I get pissed, I've had enough) this has been going on for about 30 seconds (which in my book was about 15 seconds longer than it should have) Captain Dumbass is still standing in the doorway yelling at Tinkerbell to stop, bad, no and I'm DONE!

I turn to Captain Dumbass and yell "I'm going to punt your dog across your yard if you don't get her off of me" (cause seriously it was either that, or she was going to take my scanner across the top of her head and I was worried that honestly that would have killed her)

To which he replies "don't hurt my dog, if you kick her it will hurt her"

all the while I'm kicking my leg wildly and just in the nick of time I managed to get the sweet, innocent (read HUGE fire-breathing BITCH) off my leg and high tail it for the truck, get in my truck and take off (here's where I really wish I could tell you that I heard a LOUD THUD but unfortunately I didn't run over the dog or her owner for that matter).

I called Danny and ripped him a new one, smoked like 50 cigarettes between where I was and the time I got back into town and managed to calm myself down so that I could officially start my day with all my pick ups.

About an hour later is when it really hit me, that I just totally got my ass kicked by a wenier dog named Tinkerbell.... I'm such a pussy!!

**small side note here**
After my night was over and I had gotten my truck back to the terminal, was leaving for the night to come home to my boys, it would seem that I apparently pissed off a county mounty who proceeded to scare the shit outta me and blue light me for NO REASON at all!! Just long enough to get me to pull over so this captain dumbass could speed around me to get home faster himself!! ASSHOLE!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

What a way to start the day

This morning Caleb came and got in bed with me a little after 7 am. I was not thrilled at the thought of getting up right then so I talked him into sleeping a little while in mommy's bed. When he finally woke up again it was about 5 till 8, he rolled over and in his sweetest little boy voice said "mommy, I love your new hair, its beautiful"!

I can get used to this :)